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Randy rustchance.com 11 hours ago 
+rep Incredibly fast and nice trader! Helped me through the entire process!
Lurkkis Sep 25 @ 12:58pm 
+rep friendly and fast trader
VERT'Z Sep 25 @ 2:00am 
+rep fast and smooth!
Sep 24 @ 7:47am 
+rep went first with 40$ worth of skins, fast and smooth as always
loftzu Sep 24 @ 6:36am 
+rep traded osrs for keys fast and safely as always!
tindall Sep 23 @ 4:26pm 
+rep traded osrs gold for some keys
Jabux Sep 22 @ 8:21pm 
+rep bought some keys for osrs, trusted as always!
PEDROSO Sep 22 @ 3:43pm 
+rep easy trade keys for osrs, would recommend to anyone!
Jay Sep 22 @ 12:23pm 
++, I always trust in our trades and I'm never let down
Would 100% recommend to anyone :vanilla2: Thx again
Fim de semna Sep 21 @ 8:04pm 
+rep fast and friendly trader!
ZenBox cs.money Sep 21 @ 2:59pm 
+rep, easy, quick and very trustable! this is your guy to trade :)
🌊AquaMaka Sep 20 @ 6:12pm 
+rep easy and nice trader!
Astari ♛ Sep 20 @ 3:18am 
+rep communicates well, fast trades. Sold osrs for steam items. Great trader
Olle Sep 18 @ 6:55am 
+rep bought 20m went smooth as always
PEDROSO Sep 17 @ 10:20am 
+rep sold 40 keys osrs, I went first and it went great. Amazing trader! +rep
PEDROSO Sep 15 @ 8:38am 
+rep sold keys for osrs, 100% easy and smooth. Great trader!
Tolik k Sep 11 @ 8:50am 
Best trader full stop!
Zoidberg Sep 9 @ 10:32am 
Swapped OSRS to RS3 was very efficient and trade went smoothly, have traded with him many times and he is a standup guy. +REP
bleeeki Sep 8 @ 5:46pm 
+rep always fast and easy.
Ryze Sep 7 @ 7:49pm 
+rep Smooth Trade
Crinch Sep 6 @ 10:10pm 
+rep another smooth swap as usual, thanks my man
◄ Trader Dave ► Aug 28 @ 8:52am 
+rep bought 261m for tf2 keys
Colsure Aug 26 @ 2:11pm 
+Rep traded again
jt Aug 26 @ 1:15pm 
+rep swapped csgo keys for osrs gold, smooth and quick trade
iEat_SheCums™ Aug 15 @ 11:19am 
+Rep swapped tf2 keys for OSRS. Fast and polite!
Colsure Aug 7 @ 10:07am 
+rep would trade again
mom get the camera Aug 6 @ 10:50am 
+rep quick and smooth trade
+rep business man:steamhappy:
߷߷߷߷ Aug 2 @ 7:58am 
+rep 400m osrs gold into knife. would trade again
hattivatti Jul 29 @ 3:36am 
+rep trade went smoothly!
pinomin Jul 23 @ 9:50am 
+rep, traded 413m osrs - always quick to respond
Cement Frog Jul 22 @ 2:34pm 
+rep easy and negotiable
2k Jul 4 @ 7:00pm 
lovely person and easy to approach +rep
Mankey Jul 2 @ 9:24am 
+rep Quick and easy trade.
Crinch Jun 27 @ 10:51am 
+rep as always. Traded 88 tf2 keys and went first
✪ OfficialKristers Jun 20 @ 1:02pm 
+rep, mega friendly, made a couple deals. Quick and smooth
Jay Jun 17 @ 6:10am 
be respectful on this page plz this is steam god
Gerhardt GUMMIAND Jun 15 @ 1:52pm 
+rep traded osrs for tf2 keys
Levi Jun 13 @ 9:08am 
+rep trusted, i went first
G33nr3 Jun 9 @ 7:18am 
+rep traded 35m osrs for csgo ak
gRaPeS Jun 5 @ 2:30am 
sold gp for 100 tf2 keys fast & reliable as always.
Greazy May 25 @ 2:49am 
+rep reliable and fast
Simos from the Village May 21 @ 4:20am 
+rep traded 1b osrs gp for tf2 keys, went first, everything went smooth
Juicy K May 20 @ 11:55am 
+rep, traded 100m osrs gp to cs go skins, fast and easy
mom get the camera May 16 @ 8:49am 
+rep, traded with him multiple times, 100% reliable and quick
Bearyl May 13 @ 11:49am 
+rep 69m osrs to csgo skins went first, fast and easy
Balsam May 13 @ 2:38am 
+rep 258m osrs to csgo skins
PapayA May 10 @ 1:14pm 
+rep paid well for some 07 gold :) fast trade
juubi May 9 @ 3:02am 
+rep trustworthy trades
Crinch May 8 @ 1:55pm 
+rep 600m in keys to osrs gp