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!! Because of Constant Assholes trying to friend me just to scam me out of my shit. I will be rejecting every friend request of randoms. If you are not friends with one of my friends, or I know you personally you will be rejected regardless of level. Comment why you're adding me if you need me that badly. Good day.!!

Wo Ist der Käse

Trader. I know all the scams. Don't bother.

No private profile friend requests. You will be denied.

Most of the time you will find me on either one of the TF2, probably overwatch soon, Viscera, Guns of Icarus, FFXIV.

Online- feel free to message
Busy - Intense game moment or steam is open during something else, don't message
Snooze - Never use it as I am never asleep with steam open
Offline- At work or College, will respond when I can

If you are into any of the games mentioned, or just wanna be friends throw me a request.

Anyways, what else what else uh...

I believe Viva La Fortification should be a legit saying.

I also feel that censorship as a whole can fly right the fuck out of our lives.:Prinny:
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Welcome to the shit-show.
So, what can I do for ye?
Probably not much. Lets see. I am a frequent watcher of anime. An engineer and pyro main, and I usually spend my days building settlements and bathing in the blood of my enemies. I do not trade for profit, but usually just save up and trade for things I'd like. If it's in my inventory still 9 times out of 10, it means I want to keep it. By all means throw me a friend request though if ya wanna play some games together, I do get bored playin' alone after a while.

Everything thats in my item display is not for sale, I'm just a vain bastard.

Yes I am aware what this character is from.
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Hora hora hora hora hora hora.
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Hora hora.
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Thanks for the trade :heart:
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Happy thanksgiving 🦃
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