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I've never played Harvest Moon or any other farming simulator before, but damn did I have a lot of fun with this! There are several different ways to make money: fishing, farming, foraging, and mining. So if you ever get bored of one or are unable to for whatever reason (farm on rainy days for example) you can always change to a new way to make money for a bit. The start is a bit slow, but progression shows as you build buildings and machines to help you get more money. Animals are pretty underpowered in the sense of making money compared to the other ways, especially considering how much effort you have to put into getting them. I also love how all of the NPC's have memorizable routines depending on the season, day, and weather, it makes the game feel more realistic. The music is great, so great that I think playing without sound is a waste. Tons of secrets and a fair amount of post-game content will keep you playing the same save file for many more in-game years than you need to beat the game. There are two major goals to go for, Community Center rebuilding, and Joja Co. Membership. The CC takes a lot of effort to complete and should take you at least one in game year, even with experience, while Joja is a lot easier to accomplish. The temptation to take the easy route is always looming over you as you play the game and work for the fulfilling ending. The game is also pretty bug free, and you likely won't run into any major ones if you don't look for them. Some bugs and exploits like the name one are really fun to play around with on an additional playthrough. As an additional note, all of the game's bachelors and bachelorettes are willing to marry the PC, regardless of gender. Some of them even have different dialogue based on the PC's gender Like when Abigail says she didn't know she liked girls until she met you, if the PC is a girl obviously Relationships are easy to raise and maintain and theres a lot of dialogue for every character.

Here are my only gripes
-You can lose one time only swords when dying in caves
-Marnie doesn't like working the counter of her shop most days of the week
-It takes a lot of effort to get married, especially if you don't know how
-Some items you can only get on rainy days, rain isn't guaranteed
-Most bachelors/bachelorettes appear to be terrible people until you get high hearts with them

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VoidRavn May 17, 2021 @ 7:36pm 
-rep owns too much hentai
Flames99Fuse Dec 28, 2020 @ 5:04pm 
You're just jealous that I was able to get free money.
Funguy2177 Dec 28, 2020 @ 4:33pm 
Known him for the past half decade. Pretty good guy for the most part, up until last year when he willingly let his family be sold into slavery in exchange for the full Steam trading card collection for Resident Evil 6, which he then sold for a grand profit of $0.32. :ada::chris::leon::sherry: