Colin Hartman   United States
I'm a community contributor for TF2. Leave a comment before adding.
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- Community contributor for TF2
- I've created the Neckwear Headwear, Demo's Dustcatcher, Starboard Crusader, Tsar Platinum, the trombone for the Fubar Fanfare taunt, and the dumbells for the Soviet Strong Arm taunt
- TF2 mod creator
- Owner of 1/24 geuine Nablers
- Second place winner of Arms Race 2
- Owner of 1 of 26 Community Sparkle Lugers


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"For all your auto aiming needs on the go, a few quick twists and he's ready to kill!"

- Paintable
- Jiggleboned key
- 2 Styles

FiveEyes: Model, Jigglebones
Pie_Savy: Texture,UV
Hotrod: Promos
Overlord Lettuce: Concept
32,535 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - FiveEyes, Hotrod McCoolguy, Pie_Savvy, and Overlord Lettuce
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HoovyTube Jun 17 @ 12:20am 
I wanted to comission a very specific yet simple model.
William Hank Butress Jun 12 @ 8:03pm 
Lol okay. I'm just happy you read my comment.
FiveEyes Jun 12 @ 7:42pm 
@Ronaldo Van' Churro

Nah sorry, I want to stay far away from anime items after the World Traveler set got in.
Some Texan Dead Meme Jun 12 @ 6:31am 
Ever consider adding a chain to the Tsar Platinum? It would make it 10x better.
moss fence Jun 10 @ 8:59am 
Scuse me sir, But i would like to work with you on a project we might enjoy.
DAIMY0 Jun 7 @ 5:33pm 
oh l0l :jarate: