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GamingGiraffe Mar 14 @ 4:00pm 
because of it, secretly they were moving extreamly fast. that's why it was only day in the new new york place and the time will take like 30000 years fast so they are extreamly fast so they didn't know what happened, it just felt like they moved like a million miles but nothing minor but it could be or sumn and that's why when people time travel into the future it's destroyed because they moved so fast on building and oceans it caused massive damage and floods. so that's why new new york is destroyed in the future and no one was alive.
GamingGiraffe Mar 14 @ 4:00pm 
Bro if you watch futurama you'll get what I mean bro. The episode where the time traveler tried to become the president he disappeared because they changed history
well what if he disappeared because time froze so he wouldn't exist so I am confused on how he managed to travel back in time if they were in the year 3030 why didn't he die immedaitly or sumn. the answer might be this: the time froze for leela and fry when fry landed on it so it froze just for them and everyone didn't freeze
GamingGiraffe Mar 5 @ 2:14pm 
My old discord server is somewhat active again, feel free to join!
GamingGiraffe Mar 3 @ 12:03pm 
Rest in peace Lifepunch xd
Saunders Mar 2 @ 4:57pm 
Missed LP's shutdown +rep
GamingGiraffe Feb 28 @ 2:16pm 
Yuh broskie