Filip 'FILE' Machulda   Lysa Nad Labem, Stredocesky Kraj, Czech Republic
iNvis <3 #NNM

1:57 - Fraged: nevim no v pet rano vstavam je mi to u pici hlavne ze jsem v pz lize
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23:57 - PPKRN: tata říkal že sem inteligentní

22:38 - iNvis: když to bude fungovat
22:38 - iNvis: tak to bude fungovat
-iNvis 2k16

pošlu ti fotky logana
-pokyZz 2k16

23:56 - Fraged: jsem clovek s mozkem :D clovek s mozkem si nedava random jmena
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4th place @ TIGER SEASON II LAN FINALS @FORGAMES2015 (eXtatus)
3rd place @ MČR 2015 - Championship of Czech Republic (eXtatus)
3rd place @ MSI Games 2016 (Fraternitas)
3rd place @ TIGER MASTERS LAN FINALS @FORGAMES2016 (Fraternitas)
4th place @ PLAYzone League II LAN FINALS (Fraternitas)
3rd place @ Hitpoint RoG Finals 11 (Fraternitas)
1st place @ ELEAGUE at RTSmunity (Fraternitas)
2nd place @ Grunex Lenovo CS:GO Cup (Fraternitas mix)
2nd place @ Tiger Masters Season 3 LAN 1 (Fraternitas)
2nd place @ Tiger Masters Season 3 LAN 2 (Gunrunners)
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Naitrino Apr 13 @ 3:37am 
the guy in my profile gives his items to everyone for some reason. He gave me karambit lol
Messiah Apr 2 @ 5:41am 
Hey bro,I'm trading my Dragonclaw Hook that I don't really need I can give it for your any arcanas/immortals or any good resonable offer If you ok just send me trade offer and please don't add to friends I would counter offer if something is wrong. Trade link is in my profile
Beny :v Mar 8 @ 11:39pm 
+rep podpis prosíím :steamhappy:
suplickkkkkkk. Jan 27 @ 9:15am 
Trade Your Cases For Keys! 4 CASES = 1 KEY : {LINK REMOVED}
@V2 Jan 15 @ 11:59am 
{LINK REMOVED} 4 CS:GO CASES = 1 CS:GO KEY (csgotradecases . online)
Jerry:< Dec 16, 2017 @ 4:38am 
+rep podpiis pls♥