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The recent 1.3 patch has fixed the AI in the game. Any negative comments about the AI are void.


When I bought the game I thought the AI would be much, MUCH worse than they actually were. Everyone was complaining about how they were the worst ever.

But after playing the game for about 10 hours, I can say that those complaints are over-exaggerated by miles. Sure, they are far from perfect: they can get grip in places you never could, and sometimes the seem to be able to almost skip corners, but after turning down the agressiveness just slightly I found that the complaint of them ramming you, or ignoring your position to be completely nullified.

The game otherwise feels incredible to drive, even with a controller, something I could never say about Project CARS 1. The graphics are beautiful as always. Sad to see that no "proper" F1 exists in the game. Nobody in europe cares about indycar, a market that seems to have been the focuspoint, especially with the inclusion of RX and Ice-racing.

Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Licences: 8/10
AI: 7/10 (Originally 5/10)

Total: 8/10
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