I play both classic and modern games here on Steam
To check if your PC can run a game:
[1] Go to
[2] Click on the search box, and select "Old Search" from the dropdown menu.
[3] Type the name of your graphics processor "GPU" in the search box (e.g., Quadro FX 1600M).
***** If you do not know the name of your graphics processor/card, search the internet for a method(s) of finding your graphics card name *****
[4] Select your graphics card from the available options (the Quadro FX 1600M graphics card)
[5] Scroll to bottom of page -- you can now check a game's requirements, or compare your GPU to another recommended/minimum GPU in a Steam game's store page.
[6] (when checking a game's requirements, it gives one of four results: red x, white ✓, yellow ✓, or green ✓).
Red x = game doesn't run.
White ✓ = game runs, but isn't playable.
Yellow ✓ = game runs laggy.
Green ✓ = game runs, completely playable.

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