Archangel Ferrus
Texas, United States
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Strengths: Specializes with a large sword, death from above style of fighting and fights in close combat, super thick against most ranged attacks

Who is ArchAngel Ferrus?
He is a being who is a Daemon hunter in W40k (Note he is not cannon but a character that i decided to make, he works like a Living saint from the Adeptus Soraorates) If killed he has the ability to reincarnate, as his body slowly rises up in gold he will then emit a bright flash and emit a strong, powerful glow around himself, what makes him speacial is that instead of being pure white or some other color, his color pattern is blue and black, being such a powerful being it is known that he has slain alot of daemons from each of the 4 dark gods of chaos, his most rivaled kind of daemon and Dark god would probably be of Khorne, The god of Blood as hes known as, while his most hated is tied between Tzeentch and Slaneesh.

The reason why he would hate Tzeentch is because Tzeentch is known as a god who represents Progress, evolution and all, but also has such a mind that holds knowledge that makes him a wise god but also a god of trickery, being the god of schemes, his daemons are grotesque and surrounded in mystery, meaning his daemons can be unpredictible

And the Reason why he would hate Slaneesh is because of his/her ways of combat and fighting its enemies, how that it would prefer slow and painful stikes onto the enemy rather than give its victims a quick death that they deserve in combat, Ferrus having such hatred against that is sometimes summoned when fighting a daemon of Slaneesh to combat its horrors and brutal murders it commits onto its victims

To go on more about this angel, to summon him requires the following:
1. A holy bible
2. Angel Feathers
3. Holy oil
4. atleast 16+ Angelic runes (The more there are the more itl get his attention)
5. to make the runes, it SPECIFICALLY Requires the blood of either Daemons or of lambs
6. Use verse that is first spoken from the bible in Fallout 3, the revelations
7. A priest or someone who is high ranking in a church, and must be pure of sins
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eh, they made a horse tail butt plug as well