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Posted: Jan 23, 2021 @ 8:05pm

Early Access Review
Let me start this review off by saying - This game is absolutely f*cking fantastic.

Quick List of Pros because this game absolutely deserves to be praised for several things.
- Stunning. This game is gorgeous. Ton's of beautiful scenery that feels nice to navigate.
- Impressive ship combat. One of my biggest problems with most Space-Sim style games is that the combat feels like garbage to play. Not sure what it is that makes it feel so much more engaging but I am loving it so far.
- Progression systems that feel worthwhile. Without spoiling anything, alongside actually upgrading parts of your ship, you get to invest credits and resources gained while scavenging into companions who will provide passive benefits. Exploring some of the "unmapped" markers that pop up randomly will provide various rewards, one of which is a sort of "skill point" which you can use to permanently gain a bonus to one of your stats.
- A very nice crafting system. The player can opt to dismantle ship parts rather than sell them, to gain crafting xp that can be spent towards unlocking the recipe of various ship parts. The player can gain different kinds of XP that go towards learning to craft higher rarity versions of ship parts. Not getting the gun type you prefer using? Craft one at your level, at a higher rarity than common and build yourself how you want, if you haven't been getting lucky with loot drops.

All of that said - I can't offer a "Yes" recommendation because at the moment, I don't feel that the price of the Early Access is worth the price tag it's got. It took me rougly 7 hours to get to the end of the early-access main story, and with only two of the systems (as far as I can tell) implemented into the game, I feel that the game can't give most players enough hours of meaningful play to be worth the full $40 as of the current version of the game.

WISHLIST THIS GAME and be sure to pick it up later on down the line!
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