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Timo   Hersbruck, Bayern, Germany
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                  on Bananagamings Retake Server [bananagaming.tv]

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About me:

Name: Timo F.
Age: 18
Birthday: 23.06
Country: Germany
Languages: German, English

Current Team:

The Defenders (not competitively)


Silver 1: :steamhappy:
Silver 2: :steamhappy:
Silver 3: :steamhappy:
Silver 4: :steamhappy:
Silver Elite: :steamhappy:
Silver Elite Master: :steamhappy:
Gold Nova 1: :steamhappy:
Gold Nova 2: :steamhappy:
Gold Nova 3: :steamhappy:
Gold Nova Master: :steamhappy:
Master Guardian 1: :steamhappy:
Master Guardian 2: :steamhappy:
Master Guardian Elite: :steamhappy:
Distinguished Master Guardian: :steamhappy:
Legendary Eagle: :steamhappy:
Legendary Eagle Master: :steamhappy:
Supreme Master First Class: :steamhappy:
Global Elite: :steamhappy:


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Trade Rules:

I Will Only Trade Specific Things.
I Do Not Trade With anyone Whos Profile Is Level 1.
I Do Not Trade With People Whos Profile And/Or Inventory Is Private.
I Sometimes Change My Offer In Trades.
I Do Not Trade Steam Wallet Codes With anyone.

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4,385 hrs on record
last played on Mar 21
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last played on Feb 6
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last played on Jan 26
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Dragon Sword Mar 8 @ 7:13am 
God when he want :csgo_banana:
Captain AwesomeZ Feb 4 @ 12:39pm 
-rep Gluuutchmeister :steamfacepalm:
JP Feb 2 @ 3:10pm 
-rep: hacks über hacks, nicht mehr lustig :steamsalty:
Sl1m3 Feb 1 @ 1:17pm 
i dont like playing against u (to good hax) Btw ich liebe♥♥♥♥♥
JKΛLLdΛγ Dec 20, 2018 @ 11:42am 
+rep good team m8