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I'm Fan of Rpg, Rts & Mmo Genre. Dived into Comp. Gaming with white C-64 in early 90's. Later came Golden Amiga. Pc "IBM & Compaq" came around -95, but actual dive into Pc World happened in 6004. After camp change i kept Amiga in the circle for a long time. Some fav Amiga games: Dune 1&2, Cannon Fodder, Civ1, Skidmarks & Flashback.

There are Dozen + Great Ones. Amiga's OS called Workbench was / is amazing. C-64 came back (Uglier Ver.) cause of Retro Boom. Early 6022 came similar Amiga with internal Storage. Started my Mmo career early 6005 (2005). When Gaming Remember that it's meant for Relaxing <3 Kindly: Fedaygin
Here can earn fine eos crypto & real dime via gaming: Come play & get acquis. on Womplay — https://womplay.io?ref=EDPE7NV o/ No Vpn & 1x account per user. I've checked @good sites that these are ok & received 10e-15e cards :cozyrealmroyale: Here: https://mistplay.co/Nw5kvzopc2 loyalty pts gained through Gaming can be converted to V.Bank Cards & then be used in places like: (Amazon, Billbox Store, Google Play, Steam & more) Same rules like no Vpn use allowed.
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We gave assist to our neighbour survivors even we struggled with basic goods.
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Can't Recom. in Current State (Q3 6021) Some Class Storylines bueno. Sadly they ended to 3.0 w joke conclusion.
6.5/10 Cartoon Network's low Polygons even w highest Settings
Tab Targeting. No Dynamic Action Combat. Sluggish & not cause of the Rig, but Alpha Game-Engine. Stiff Animations & Ctrls. Theme Park Design = Many loading screens & not Open World Game :( After 6015 (year 2015) Raids & Pvp turned to semi pointless. Even released Raid in pieces :D :( Difficulty: Blindfolded. Eaware applied Big Story Combat Nerfs & Companions are same "skin" now as in @Terminator mode :/ Difficulty options in Kotfe & Kotet don't count cause they're repetitive & give brain dmg if do often.
Lil bit of my Swtor story & some Swtor's History
Hardest Review to write after jumped to Pc world in 6004. Cause of Commitment & love poured down to SWTOR from 1st Beta Day & launch at Dec 6011. Continuous Sub to Q1 6016. Resub at Q2 6018 & Q4 6019, but couldn't stay longer than Few hrs cause of Nerfed Content & G.Engine :( No Sub Renewal. Following Development & still no Resub worthy news :/ Back when 3.0 (Revan's story ruined in swtor) came out Talent Trees got Axed & Traveling got Nerfed to Lazy mode :/ Combat Nerfed at 5.0 & after. Lazy porting to HC Missions & other Dumb gameplay Nerfs.

Few years i was part of 2x good Guilds. Longer on Progenitor after many servers like Rp-Pvp that i loved vanished in result of 1st servers Merge :( Half Blind Eaware got too many SMALL Servers in Early Days. Forceflux Guild on Progenitor had many fine people. We did prog. Raiding, premade Pvp trips (also relaxed PvP= no veins popping) & meetups at Guild ship. Have Good World Pvp Memories before WPvP & Servers were removed cause of old Game-Engine :(

Talked about gaming & randoms on Raidcall & TS voip client w some Guildies. Later Guild had the same fate as many others :( Started esp. @5.0 Reason: Charles "sleeky smile" Boyd & LDR before him to blame for Lack of Development & bad decisions. No player Feedback asked & no Surveys.
Good Suggestions Ignored by Devs since launch
There's over 10x good Suggestions on Official Forums. Where CAN'T write if not feeding EA w monthly sub. Improving Galactic Starfighter, Many Day & Night Cycle Requests to bring more 'LIFE' into SWTOR. Interactable Furniture to Hubs (Cantinas & Fleet), Many Requests to have mini-games Dejarik & Pazaak. SWG has them, but Neither in Swtor :( Swtor made w Outdated Hero Engine & running on fumes when near Q4 6020. Weather should influence Planets more often.
IMAGINE Raining in Nar Shaddaa.
Would bring Blade Runner vibes. Sadly not there cause of Alpha State Engine :( ESO, Wow & FFIXV has proper Weather & D&N Cycle IF ONLY SWTOR would use CryEngine2 *Drools when think images*
Changes that drove away Veterans w real Eyesight
From 3.0 Forward: Swtor's Skeleton Dev crew made Bad Development calls, slow pacing & no Comms with their Customers :( (Sry player base) Devs Focused too much to In Game Store & still do :( [/b] Command Lvls & RNG Grind came out. [/b] Dumb Single Char's Storyline @mind numbing KOTFE & KOTET. Many chapters give mind seizures cause tons of scripted Sky Troopers jumping down. Just to be put down in sluggish combat. Sadly Companions turned Invincible :( These changes drove away SP & Group Plrs. I'm one of Old School plrs who LOVED to Equip your comp. before they ruined to Terminator mode (tank, heal & dps) & modding Vanished :( Eaware's Skeleton Crew at Meetup for 5.0 patch: - Let's give RNG to everything - Both PVE & PVP. What could go wrong ? Since then heading the same disaster as before. Was Sad to Witness.."
More Dumb Changes without Survey from Plrs
I & hundreds of others got Attached to our Characters & their Respective Factions that we spent Years with. At mind numbing KOTFE All of that Vanished cause of dumb Charles Boyd & his few minions working in Broom Closet :( Reason: A new totally Random & OP as He** Faction suddenly invades the Galaxy while our characters are in a coma. Making the Jedi, Sith, Republic & our every accomplishment pointless & irrelevant. In my eyes that made years of writing Meaningless.
Bugs & Glitches talk. Proven by Forum posts since Early Years
"Mind numbing Single plr focused Expansions (KOTFE & KOTET) have Immersion breaking Cutscenes & not only ones. DW Char uses only 1x weapon :( His / Her expertise is to use BOTH & uses 1x @dangerous situation.. Other weapon is sheathed @same side where drawn :( *PTS Testing Unknown* Also sad Facts like Gunslinger not using any Gadgets from wide Arsenal & uses only 1x blaster :D Similar unforgivable Imm. Breaking Cutscenes for many classes :( Active Chat Tab Resets to Default when back from Major Instance :( That annoyance NOT Fixed after 7x + Years of Requests in Forums & sup. tickets :( I use more than 1x default Tab in Mmo & Filter out crap for certain Tabs to Track Feed :)
End Thoughts
Had also good moments. Some Class Storylines (Dislike Kotet & Kotfe cause mostly Dumb writing.) I love my few characters very much. They're all special to me just like in Books. I never create just another random Char to grind something. I thank every good person i played with through the Years <3 Even was in badly treated (Shame Eaware) Big IP SW Game with Low Polygon Gfx, Stiff Animations, Broken Chat Functions etc.

*Awaits SW License to Drop from EA & Dreams of SWG 2.0 w Ashes of Creation Mmo Gfx* Join to SWG EMU Good ol SW Mmo [swgsremu.com] Ask install instruct. on the site or Discord. #waitsgresubworthynews #sadcashinwithbigip
https://youtu.be/g5w8ddA_EnQ Lazy Design :( No Fix at Q4 2020. Description below.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aczCJVVkGXU ^^Kinda likes swtor, but not the way it's farmed out. Good talk starts @4:10. Made before Eaware eased (little) F2P Restrictions.
Workshop Showcase
These Totally Make Stellaris adventures much Tastier. Sure By Default it already is & years been really happy to Support Paradox Interactive <3 Was great to pay €30'ish for client & then €15 for Utopia Expansion. This Collection includes couple Total Conve
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Created by - Fedaygin
Fedaygin May 2 @ 10:26am 
Kirjoitin eilen su 1.5.6022 'kontaktien aktiiviteetit' seinälle linkin varhais julkaisu arvostelustani :idglass: Varmaan näet sen aika pian kun menet kahtomaan omaa seinää. Tietysti riippuen siitä että onko kuinka paljon esim. eri pelejä ym. seurannassa, mutta eipä silti pitäisi olla kaukana jos käy kahtomas parin seur. päivän aikana. Tässä kuva siitä: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/photos/share/olpJMMB8AuFIUevBcnnLA4kN8n8Uz847tUwcwZksNjZ Olisin voinut tuon linkin lyhentää tutul linkin lyhennys sivustol, mut olkoon näin. :eshock: Mukavaa Toukokuun kk:tta toivoen :niceavocado::ipebluemarble::timer:
Fedaygin May 2 @ 10:26am 
@Halski "Toi uus Dune peli näyttää mielenkiintoiselta" Morjens & kiitos kommentista o/ Tässä kirjoituksiani sekä muiden tuosta Shiro Games firman Arrakis meno 4x tekeleestä.
3x jaksoinen kirjoitukseni on 8:sas tällä sivulla. Niitä helppo seurata eli lukea. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1527950/eventcomments/3276941718967365283/?tscn=1651334341
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Mika TVT Apr 25 @ 8:39pm 
Toi uus Dune peli näyttää mielenkiintoselta
larppa Apr 30, 2021 @ 1:38pm 
Hei m8! wish you a wonderful and peaceful vappu :)
larppa Apr 1, 2021 @ 4:07am 
Hei! Thanks a lot for the book recommendation. I have heard of Earthsea already, I will check it out, tho to be honest my reading is really slow, it takes me many many months to finish a book, it's hopeless 😁
Have a great Easter weekend!
larppa Mar 20, 2021 @ 9:41pm 
Hei! We talked about cool discounts on Ubisoft games. There's currently some great ones on the Humble Store. With the extra Humble Choice discount, I got AC Odyssey for 7.20e, RC Ghost Recon Wildlands for 6e, FC New Dawn 5.40e AC Syndicate 4.80e and TCRainbow Six Siege for 2.40e. you might want to check out :) Have a glorious weekend!