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Hi there. I am Faxon Fury. I make music.

I'm an aspiring music creator learning how to use FL Studio 11, and one day I want to be as good as the artists I look up to.
Here's some songs I've created [soundcloud.com]

I am a raffler on ScrapTF [scrap.tf] and an ex-giveaway moderator on Gibus Co.

I also play hard games with great music [Super Hexagon, Geometry Dash, Impossible Game, Velocibox, Crypt of the Necrodancer, etc.]

You can send me a friend request if you want, leave a comment down below to tell me why though.

Note: I may not respond to some messages even after I read them because I'm usually busy on the computer, so please do understand if I don't respond sometimes. ^^
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Faxon Fury Sep 18 @ 11:33pm 
Sorry, it's not for sale.
Mighty Kill Sep 18 @ 5:35pm 
Hi, I want to buy your hundkopf
Soulja lad Sep 8 @ 9:13am 
sent a trade offer
BLACK MAGIC Aug 30 @ 5:10am 
thanks for the second banana!
Maxx Aug 27 @ 5:11am 
Do I also need a comment for an add :P
doesn't have a decal lmao