the Fatih's Yarrow
Eternally Wandering Hermit
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The only things I have left, I trust - for they are all this changing world has left me with;
This is me.
If you'd like to read a deeper overview of my thought process, examine this wall of text:
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If you won't read that, though, then I doubt you'll read these futile following words...


If I catch your eye or you need company, don't shy away; I'm not scared of strangers.
If I'm busy or something's off, I'll be up-front about it.
I'm not a hardass though. I too crack silly jokes,
and I think I'm one of the most relaxed people around.

But I'm a firm follower of communication.
If there is an issue, let's talk it out like good folks - if you even care to.
Speaking from repeated history, one-sidedness is the last thing I need
but have had too much of.
Don't rely on me because you are bored person who will get bored of me.
Connections are a journey.
The point isn't to put up a front with friends.
Friends are someone you're real and honest with.
Not just another person to hide behind a persona for.
❱❱ If I am a waste of your time, then please, do not waste any of mine. ❰❰

It's okay if we're only acquaintances. I have lots of those.
But do not rope me into anything past that if you're not ready.
Plenty of people have seen me as seasonal.
That's just not the kind of person I am meant to be.
Many have milked me for my attention and efforts,
and then forgot about me soon after, going as far as to make me wonder
if I have done something wrong. As though there are faults I have...
Nowadays, I know the answer to that fully well.
The blame doesn't fall upon me, for I try to see my faults,
and have tried to understand the faults of others.
But at the end of the day, I am wronged more than ever.
The only real fault of mine is not seeing it sooner, trusting others.

So please, don't get yourself wrapped up with me, knowing this.
Friendships are not a toy to me, nor a temporary pleasure.
At this point, I've been left alone so much that it's starting to make sense:
I probably am a ghost.
Maybe nothing is eternal after all -
but I have at least tried to keep my friendships and relationships.
But now that I've grown, I understand how the people in this world function.
So I'd rather let someone else do all my work - but that isn't going to happen.
It's really tiring. I need rest after living in a fairytale mentality for so long.
I'll still daydream as a wandering hiker, but because of that, don't follow me.
You aren't prepared or meant to be by my side on this journey.


I appreciate such gestures, but please don't send me gifts without asking.
I mean this in a polite sense - I don't really play much of games anymore,
and I'm sure your hard-earned cash is better spent elsewhere, yeah?

And, if you give me a Steam Profile Award, please let me know...
I hate not knowing who's given me them and not being able thank them!
Even for the Jester one. I prefer words than silent actions, really!
Shiitake Jan 30 @ 4:53pm 
bold claim. :RabbitDoll:
Anuke Dec 23, 2022 @ 7:17am 
they don't, I just friended them for no particular reason!
PeachyCatto Oct 17, 2022 @ 4:32pm 
Uuuuuuuhhhhmmmhhhuuh wHAT
BorsDeep Aug 19, 2022 @ 9:27am 
Mr. Hammr
chris Jul 1, 2022 @ 6:23pm 
touhou puppet player :rbrb1:
「 」 Jun 29, 2022 @ 2:59am 
unlock it bud