Fatih Cekic   Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Favourite Games of All Time in Order:
Phantom Brave
BIT.TRIP (Series) :commandervideo:
Trauma Center/Team

everything below is old, idk what to say man its been like since 2014 i did that


LINE: Fatih120
Skype: fatihcekic120
Twitter: @FatihTYD
I'm making a video game right now.
I'll give my facebook only to those who ask. I have accounts on a bunch of other stuff, but I almost never use em if they're not listed here except for forums.
I'm a guy, first off, and no, it's not Faith, it's Faa-teeh.
I'm a fan of Touhou and Nippon Ichi. Also a Puyo fan. Nintendo is my stuff. I have also been a fan of Bit.Trip but I guess (sadly) it isn't going on anymore. I sometimes (SOMETIMES) watch anime and I play a TON of misc stuff. I do have Twitch and Youtube.

Chat with me! I don't bite.
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-rep, FEU mod
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found you randomly and commented since fatih is a turkish name
apologies for interrupting
virgin from demon may weep Feb 23, 2019 @ 11:47am 
benide kanadaya al fatihciğim
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Return of the torturous hugs.
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gay weeaboo
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Good, goood. Our influence grows.