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Personal Achievements

Kaboom Kaboom

Make 10 Creatures Explode
0 / 10

While You're Down

Kill 10 Creatures While You Are Bleeding Out
0 / 10

You Murderer

Shoot 100 Creatures Dead
0 / 100

You Wont Like Me When Im Angry

Consume 5 Cans of Bulkify
0 / 5


Get Shit On by Princess

Mama Said Knock You Out

Knockout 10 Creatures With a Melee Attack
0 / 10

Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Shoot the Farmer 10 Time to Make Him Talk 10 Times
0 / 10

Gas Guzzler

Drink at a WaterPump Until it Runs Dry

I'm Ambidextrous

Blow Off Both Your Arms With A Grenade

Needy Greedy

Defeat The First Mini Boss on Day 10

Royalty Killer

Defeat The First Big Boss Day 20

Watch The Show

Shoot a Body Part In The Air More Than 7 Times In a Row

Charcoal Crumbler

Crumble 10 Creatures After Electrocution
0 / 10

The Chunk Kicker

Kick a Body Part 50 Times
0 / 50

Acid Washed

Get Puked on By Princess

Where Credits Due

Watch The Credits All The Way Until The End

Graphics Whore

Change Your Graphics Settings from Main Menu

Blinded By The Light

Shine Your Flashlight in The Farmers Face

The Longest Yard

Throw A Grenade As High As You Can Using Milk

You Are The Champion

Beat The Game

You Have An Apt Pupil

Read The Keyboard Layout in Main Menu

Ride The Wave

Ride Princess For A Minute

Chicken On The Farm

Do Something That Is Cowardly

That's The Way The Boar Bounces

Bounce On A Running Boar
0 / 20

Become A Mile High Club Member

Climb To The Highest Location On The Farm

FrankenBoar's Monsters

Bring 10 Boars Back To Life In Single Player
0 / 10

I Will Swallow You Whole

Push 20 Whole Boars Into The Grinder
0 / 20

Always Sing Off Key

Make The Farmer Sing A Western

Birds Of A Feather

Make Everyone Wear The Same Hat In 4P

You Are Hardened

Defeat Day 30 On HardMode With 4 Players And No Cheats

Life After Death

Explore The Map In FreeRoam

The Mad Hatter

Collect 5 Golden Keys

Doctor Who

Get Revived By 10 Strangers And Survive The Day
0 / 10

It Was The Hindenburg

Shoot Down The Toxic Blimp

The Red Sun

Shoot 6 Red Sun Targets In One Session


Play With A Stranger For An Entire Round
0 / 10