Farid’s Level Bot | 14:1 TF2
Use !help to view all commands.
For any issues contact my Owner
Buying from EVERYONE. Use !sellcheck and !prices .

The Bot is supporting CSGO and TF2 Keys now.
Usage is !command+cs/tf number (ex. !buycs 1 / !buytf 1).
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BOT Info - TF2 Keys and CSGO Keys again.

!checkinv - checks your badges AND your crafting-ready badges in your inventory.

!buyinv x - buy sets for x keys while checking your badges AND your inventory for crafting-ready badges.

!checkothers steamid64 - check if the bot has sets for the desired steamid64

!buyothers x steamid64 - buy sets for x keys while checking the badges of the desired steamid64.


!check - this command check number of badges, that you can craft from cards, that the Bot has in

!level X - this command calculate how many card sets you need for X level.

!buy X - this command requesting trade offer for X amount of your keys, for sets that you don’t
have crafted at the current exchange rate ( X - must be a number). Maximum amount of keys in a
single trade is 50. If you have just purchased few sets from the Bot, make sure to craft them first,
before to buy more!

!buyany X - this command requesting a trade offer for any amount of sets, even those that you

!buyone X - this command requesting a trade offer for only one set per game (Level 1 Badges).

!sellcheck - Check the sellrate and how much you are able to sell.

!help - list of all commands.


What type of keys do you accept?

Csgo and TF2 Keys. NO HYDRA!

I have Keys in my Inventory bot the bot dont accept them?

When you bought the Keys ingame or in the steam market they arent tradeable for 7 days. When you click on the item in your inventory they have a "non-tradable" tag.

Will the bot know which sets I have already crafted?

Yea. Once you add the Bot as a friend, it is able to read your badge data and only send you the ones you need. Therefore your profile has to be fully public.

Why has the bot removed me from it's friends list?

The Bot is going to automatically remove you after a specific hours without a trade/chat.

Are you able to craft badges for games you don't own?

Yes you are.

How to level up fast?

Go to your personal level page here. Select badge that you can craft. When you press craft - press F5 to skip animations.

Bot can't trade with you if:

Your inventory/profile is private
You got a trade hold
Your keys have trade hold. If you have recently bought them off the Steam Market, there is unfortunately a 7 day restriction before they can be used
You haven't had Mobile Authenticator for 7 days

What will I receive after I craft a badge?

After every badge you craft, you will receive:

100xp towards your steam level
1 emoticon
1 profile background
1 discount coupon (lasts for 2 weeks)
+5 friend list spaces for every 1 level gained [max 2.000]
+1 showcase for every 10 levels gained [max 15]

What are the benefits of having a high steam level?

Larger friends list available
Additional Profile Customization (+1 showcase per 10 level's gained)
Increased chance of receving booster packs
Visiblity, the higher your steam level, the more people are likely to visit your profile
Deemed more trustworthy in trades

***** Under special circumstates*****
*** groups are only as an advertisement ***
*** !buyinv may send you a few sets which you already have in your inventory if you have many badges and a big inventory***
*** please check the trade while using buy,buyinv,buyonce,buyothers and buyany. i wont refund you if you accept an offer with Cards/Badges you already own***

How does the bot work?

1. Add "Farid Flashbang’s Level Bot" as a friend.

2. Use !check chat command and the BOT will answer how many sets you can buy of which are available to you.

3. Use !buy [Amount of TF2 keys] chat command to receive a trade offer for trading card sets to TF2 keys - e.g. !buy 2

4. Check your trade offers and accept your trade request. Then start crafting your Steam Badges !
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Farid’s Level Bot | 14:1 TF2 Aug 15, 2018 @ 9:38am 
The Bot is back since a few days now.
In the near future only TF2 Keys are accepted.
Farid Apr 27, 2018 @ 7:54am 
Hey guys,

the Bot is offline because of 2 arguments :
- Trade lock of csgo keys
- Steam may locks bots

The Bot may come online again in a few weeks, or when the trade lock gets removed.

Kind regards,
Farid’s Level Bot | 14:1 TF2 Aug 22, 2017 @ 6:28pm 
Closed because of the increasing of spamming, sorry. If you want to state your opinion (hopefully good), you can write it on the owners profile.
cnw4evazulooacab Aug 17, 2017 @ 6:19am 
good bot lOl
Iljaeu Aug 11, 2017 @ 1:21pm 
Best Bot
MaLeHo™ Aug 11, 2017 @ 1:08pm 
+rep nice bot, very good help