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The Last Act
Developer: Snowhaven Studios
Publisher: Snowhaven Studios

1. The story is actually quite wholesome even if about ghastly encounters and the thought of near death accidents on the stage.
2. Most of the characters were pretty interesting in their own way with Sarah depending on how you shape her character, but along with the romance options like Silas, Gavin, and Joshua. They were all very unique and had such distinguishable personalities that are able to hook you into them.
3. Some visual novels give choices that may not affect the game too much, but here a lot of the choices you make are accounted for. This results in maybe totally different dialogues between characters (especially Sarah's outlook) or different outcomes with same scenes but different locations. Some thorough planning surely was applied here.
4. THE ART STYLE. The art style can determine how you want your project to be perceived. Pure horror? Dark, dreary, and gritty. In here, it definitely works hand in hand with how the writer wanted the story to be, something lighthearted and heartwarming. The art is absolutely wonderful to look at as it's cheery and cute, along with lovely lighting applied to Silas to emphasize ethereal. Definitely some lovely art for sure.
5. Says right in the description "Unique soundtrack", safe to say it works well with it. The tracks definitely do their part whether it be enhancing the situation with Silas' arrival or the awkwardness with Alisha Blaire's catchy and strange presence.

1. Short n' wholesome story but definitely with some drawbacks. The pacing can be taken as very fast, using a few time jumps. This might make it a little hard to connect with characters as we'd like to spend more time with them along with some backstory having to be explained by a second character several times. This can be seen hugely in the near end of the story where things need to come together.
2. Miranda's character felt off. We didn't know too much about her (unless you take some choices with Alisha Blaire) and when it came to the end, it felt a little odd, maybe sudden or poorly done context building. With maybe a bit of a longer game, her character could have some more depth added in.

The Last Act is a wholesome and lighthearted story about finding love through either the love of theater or the love of something... ethereal. With the story and adorable art, comes an experience that is sure to bring a smile on your face, despite having a couple of areas that could use some improvement.

Score: 7/10 GOOD
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