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Posted: Oct 9 @ 6:52pm
Updated: Oct 11 @ 9:52am

UPDATE: Decided to write an actual review instead of leaving it as a complaint

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a sandbox space & rocket enginerring simulator. In the game, you are working in the space program on a planet called Kerbin, where you can build rockets to explore, research or even colonise your solar system. If you are uninterested int the stars, you may also build airplanes to fly around the planet (although your space centre is probably the last place with life activity....)

The game used simple classic orbital mechanics that is easy enough for everyone to understand while keeping the some of the most essential real-life mechanics. This can also be very educational and gives the player a sense of satisfactory when they learned something new.

Most of the fun in KSP came from building and flying your ship, which KSP does very well. The controlls are smooth and simple, and the game features time warp which kills off unnecessary idle times so piloting would almost never fell boring. The game came with hundreds of basic rocket parts you can use. Aside from the basic rocket engines and fuel tanks, theres also unecessarily expansive experiment gear, off-planet hotels, superpowerful nuclear engines etc. The base game have enough content to build the most creative fireworks that always explodes when you launch them, but if you are unsatisfied, the game also have a very active modding community. Here you can find all sorts of mods can turn your game into NASA simulator, Star Trek (game ver.), or even War Thunder ripoff.

The game suffers a little bit from its somewhat low quality graphics (mods: *cough * cough) and the occasional bugs in its physics simulation, but these serves litle distraction to gameplay

The largest problem I had with KSP is its mediocre performance. KSP have physics simulation for every parts on a ship separately, so eventhough you can probably fly something into orbit with a WinXP PC, once the part count gets higher (especially large station/bases) the frame drop became more and more apparent, and eventually unplayable..

Overall the game itself is quiet enjoyable since we can strap more and more boosters on our rockets. so... why do I give it a thumb down?

Summary: A Chinese localization team wrote "不到mun非好汉" (you're not a true man if you never got to the Mun) in place for "Mun or Bust!". Recently a Feminazi critisized this for sexism and the developers conpromised.

Note this is a reference to the famous quote “不到长城非好汉" (you're not a true man if you never got to the Great Wall) where "好汉" (true man) is gender neutral in Chinese, meaning brave & strong hero, and historically the word has also been used to describe womens. This happen in early October 2017.

I'll make myself clear: we are here to enjoy game, not some politially correct BS.

By compromise and changing the quote into something supposedly more "gender neutral" (and replace it with something rhythmically worse and less "neta") the developers showed that they cared so much about some whiny children that they are willing to make their game worse. Yes it is only infintesimally worse, but its the attitude that matters.

I would not recommond a game that can't even keep itself out of politics even though I really enjoyed it.

TL:DR ♥♥♥♥ off with your political correctness

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Katseth Oct 28 @ 5:54am 
578h played for you ..... i think you have forgive to say thanks dev for those great hours.
Ungretfull this may be the apropriate world.
No matter of this bad story whith those differents languages........
Pain Train Oct 26 @ 9:45pm 
Geez you guys got too much time on your hands...
Grav Oct 26 @ 11:51am 
Thanks for explaining this, the language barrier was making it difficult to understand and I was curious what the problem was.

It's sad that the west's political cancer is starting to spread even to the east, through our products. It's kind of ironic in a way, SJW ideology is steeped in a version of marxism that has replaced class struggle with race and gender.

It's even more sad that brainless dregs defend this sort of behavior.
alexisbored Oct 16 @ 3:25pm 
if youre here to enjoy the game play the game and stay out of politics your self. and change the review this game has a overwhelmingly positive rating and downvoting it like this is just stupid.
HughJas Oct 15 @ 8:59am 
Get over yourself.
Killerpenguin5 Oct 13 @ 9:27pm 
Oh look a whiny little trumpet. Get the fuck over yourself. You pieces of shit support donald Trump an Actual piece of shit sexist/racist/misogynist. Piss off you pathetic pile of shit.
Beunhaas Oct 13 @ 12:51pm 
Oh no they changed a sentence, I can't play this anymore it is just unplayable.
Six Oct 13 @ 12:46pm 
"I would not recommond a game that can't even keep itself out of politics even though I really enjoyed it."

-Why should we listen to someone who can't keep politics out of a game review? If a new player just started today, do you think they could enjoy 500+ hours of this game like you have, or has politics really just destroyed the physics, graphics, and content of the game? Years of work went into this game, and you judge it over something so innocuous. I hate petty reviews like yours on good games.
B15HOP Oct 13 @ 9:58am 
Yeah I find it crazy that a person can whine and leave a negitive review after hundreds of hours of gaming. Obvious lie.
lajoswinkler Oct 12 @ 5:11am 
It's pretty difficult to get more whiny than, what you claim to be overly zealous whiners, but you managed to do it! Wow, good job!
You basically gave one of the best games ever made a bad mark because you've been annoyed over someone's annoyance.

Maybe you should get a grip on the reality of society, especially Chinese society, instead of being a reactionary little whiner.