Oregon, United States

21, male, bog-standard

college student / monkey in a comically large suit :Monkey:

*DEAD* [Member] NHENTAIFAN1738 : ♥♥♥♥ YOU




lets just calm down, ok?
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fuck it
salmoff Jul 14 @ 12:10am 
"This is the worm of all wood." -wormwood, from wormwood (wormwood edition)
Wndll Jun 11 @ 5:45am 
I'mma go (Sir) that Sir, I'mma go thrash that Sir, Sir gonna suck this (Sir), Sir gonna suck this (Sir), That's a Pull-up Sir,
Don't make me Pull up Sir, I'd smash that Sir, Then pull out Sir, Might push the flacko Sir, Watch me pull up, Take your chain lil Sir, I'm on deebo lit, I'm on migo lit, I'm on kilo lit, I go psycho Sir, Watch me suck your Sir, Watch me thrash that Sir, Then I pass that Sir.
wormwood Jun 7 @ 2:41am 
thanks man, socks guy can go kick rocks
RE 4 Remake baybee (Zee) Jun 6 @ 8:03pm 
glasses guy, way cooler than socks guy for sure
Depresso Apr 28 @ 8:10am 
+rep Can,t rember why
Basedsriracha69 Apr 20 @ 5:44pm 
+rep, Miss u dawg