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semiboop Jul 13 @ 11:40am 
For your 360 Panoramic Camera, it is possible for it to rotate. What you do is you get a small object, and put it in the center of all of the cameras. Then parent (lock) the cameras to that small object. It makes it easier to rotate and move the cameras. So all of the cameras are moved and rotated accordingly to that small object. It keeps all of the cameras in place while being able to move them all. (And make the object invisible if you have to.)
Kiss me, Love Jul 10 @ 9:39am 
nice sfm models
Hughy Antibatota Jul 10 @ 4:38am 
It's regarding SFM. please accept my inv..
1999R Jun 29 @ 7:48am 
Actually just saw your Twitter comment response. All good brotha, will remove.
1999R Jun 29 @ 7:47am 
Hey boss, i got a message regarding one of your sfms I posted on instagram for removal. I just wanted to make sure if that was you cause the name matched this account, and if it was I truly didn’t mean any disrespect in any way shape or form.
Knightmare Jun 15 @ 12:27pm 
I appreciate your work and rescripting on sfm which as a animator with over 1000 hours on sfm. I'll be happy to have you as a friend. You truly brought something new and refreshing to sfm.