Fallen Lord
Brandon   Maryland, United States

5:03 PM - twothirds #goon: when u tryna put ketchup on ur burger and u shake the bottle and ketchup covers ur monitor
5:03 PM - twothirds #goon: caveman

10:31 PM - freelander: fuck digimon
10:32 PM - freelander: minimum wage pokemon bullshit

9:16 AM - Fallen Lord: IM DEAD
9:17 AM - skrrrt skrrrt: yo dont tell anyone tho rofl cause i cant have ppl knowin someone dominated me after i ascended to GODHOOD
9:17 AM - skrrrt skrrrt: ascended
9:17 AM - skrrrt skrrrt: TO GODHOOD
9:17 AM - Fallen Lord: LOL
9:18 AM - skrrrt skrrrt: FLEXES


11:54 notkrypt: baskl what sniper do you have
11:54 baskl: sniper?
11:54 baskl: i have the tf2 sniper

8:08 PM - sb! OG Mudbone has changed their name to ᴹᶜHamburglar.
8:08 PM - ᴹᶜHamburglar: its time
8:09 PM - ᴹᶜHamburglar: for me to ascend
8:09 PM - ᴹᶜHamburglar: IM TIRED
8:09 PM - ᴹᶜHamburglar: OF MCDONALDS
8:08 PM - Fallen Lord: LOL
8:09 PM - ᴹᶜHamburglar: KEEPING ME

tator171: who's this mchamburglar guy in my server

BP.Chris: tumblr ass picture
BP.Chris: got me chokin on my own asshair

leaky: no
leaky: never change ur sensitivty
leaky: ever
leaky: thats fucking AWFUL
leaky: thats like shitlord status
leaky: never fucking do that
leaky: ever
leaky: keep ONE sens
leaky: FOREVER
leaky: okay?
Fallen Lord: OKAY :C
leaky: OKAY
leaky: <3

Infinity: people on sexbox called me drumstick
Infinity: cause i beat everyone
Infinity: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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they call him fallen bc he's a lord
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7:47 PM - pyrrha: im gonna get gaped