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Hello there, stranger
So, I’m supposed to tell something about myself? Ordinary Russian gay dude, gym addicted, former bartender. That’s it. Mostly I play Rainbow Six Siege (not into shooters at all though) and For Honor. You can add me if you want to play together.
I’m not interested in chatting and making friendship with women, so, if you’re a girl, don’t add me. And surely, no minors please. In fact, I might be interested in friendship only if you’re a man (cis man and gay, preferably), not feminine, not softie and not touchy. I have a masculine and straightforward character, so I will always speak truth in your face, deal with it. I don’t like lies, drama and edgy or toxic behavior, but I like black humor and sometimes my jokes are cruel. If you’re not a softie you will understand that I have no intention to offend you by any jokes.
Well, if you’re still reading this, I suppose I got you interested. Now I’ll tell about something that is interesting for me. I have a good taste in old games, so if you were born in era of PS1 and played Silent Hill – we’ll get along. Also I like Touhou game series, from first PC98 era games up to newest ones. I love music and I listen to it almost always. My preferences in music are simple: only rock and hard vocaloid rock. My favorite artist – Utsu-P.
Now it’s your turn.
If you ever had a serious mental breakdown or you are mentally traumatized, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to cry about it to anyone including yourself. Any sh1t in your life that traumatized you also made you mentally stronger, get a grip and be a man.
Imagine being weak and doing nothing about it. That kind of life is fck1ng disgusting and miserable.
Incredible level of willpower and discipline is a key to be strong. Lifting weights is the easiest part of getting buffed. If you’re mentally weak for such kind of life, go and cry about it in your room.
If you feel upset then go and beat this sh1t out of yourself in the gym.
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✞emo✞ Jun 24 @ 6:54am 
После хорошей игры я добавил его, потому что он казался классным парнем. Мы общались несколько месяцев мы стали хорошими друзьями. Много стеба, много отличных игр в кс и, самое главное, настоящая дружба.
Я пригласил его в мой дом для вечеринки. Он сказал, что придет, поэтому я с нетерпением ожидал встречи с ним в реальной жизни.
Когда он приехал ко мне домой, он толкнул меня к стене и начал покусывать мое ухо, я почувствовал, как его твердый член врезался в мою ногу. Я ударил его. Оказывается, он был гей. Не верьте этому парню...
✞emo✞ Jun 1 @ 2:56pm 
Its ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ pride month 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 that means you're not allowed to be straight 😤😤 we will not be accepting anyone who identifies as heterosexual 😒😒 until the 1st of july all shall be persecuted by law 😡😡 james charles is allowed to take anyone he wants into the dungeon 👅👅 and you will be fined $1000 if you resist 🤑🤑 jk rowling has been allowed to choose who is gay 😍😍 and this will stay the same for the rest of your life 😝😝 bisexuals are okay 🙄🙄 but you're on thin ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ice ❄❄ don't think that you are safe 😥😥 thanos and his thicc ass 😜😜 will be after you if you show any signs of affection towards the other sex 😠😠
REACTIVE May 15 @ 9:51am 
⠀⠠⠊⠀⠀⠀⠀⠙⠂⣴⠒⠒⣲⢔⠉⠉⣹⣞⣉⣈⠿⢦⣀⣀⣀⣠⡴⠟ have wonderful day!!!
✞emo✞ May 7 @ 4:40am 
миги хидари еее саа доудоу сусумеее варе варе га рул какумей но сё сайго но варау но отомееееее
ниши хигаши ээээээ са чоджо мезасееее
варе варе га руле какумей но шоу
мотто тамешитаи онореееее
✞emo✞ Apr 22 @ 12:45pm 
アップル ジュース
REACTIVE Apr 17 @ 8:25am