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Welcome to my profile Dudes & Dudettes.

Be warned, seems like an impersonator is on the go.

I don't have the profile yet, but never trust links to profiles traders send you, always do your own search!

I'm mostly collecting games and cards these days :D

Got an insane backlog, trying to get as many finished I can ^^

I usually don't take random invites, so bear that in mind when adding me.

Also, if you see me in-game, there is a good chance that Idlemaster is running ^^
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Feel free to add me, but bear in mind that I am tired of random beggars, and impolite people.
So chances are, I might just ignore your invite. Comment section is open, so leave one there

Begging = Blocklist!

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I ususally trade for cards/emotes that I have double, with the occasional exception, so try me ;D

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Have a nice day

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My SystemSpecs:

CPU: i7-6700K currently @ 4.6GHz
Cooler: Corsair H110i GT
GPU: GTX 1080 EVGA FTW Hybrid 8GB
Mainboard: Asus Z170 Deluxe
RAM: Panram Ninja-V 16GB DDR4-2800
PSU: Corsair HX850i
OS Drive: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB
Gamedrive: Transcend 370S 1TB
Second Gamedrive: Sandisk SSD Plus 1TB
HDD: Western Digital Red 5TB
DVD ROM: Plextor PX891SA
Case: Thermaltake F51 Suppressor
Main Monitor: Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q (27 inch 3D 144Hz Gsync)
Second Monitor: BenQ XL2420T (24 Inch 3D 120Hz LED)
Mouse: Logitech G903
Mousepad: Razer Firefly
Keyboard(s): Corsair K95 RGB & Logitech G13
Controller(s): XBox One Elite / Normal / Steamcontroller / PS4 Controller
Headsets/phones): Beyerdynamic T90 +Beyerdynamic Headzone for Music/Movies
Sennheiser GAME ONE + Sennheiser GSX 1000 Amp for Gaming
Beyerdynamic MMX 300 for when u need more Bass :D
Speakers: Logitech Z623
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Though I haven't even finished it yet (40 hours in) it's absolutely safe to say, that this is the best AC title

I like it way better then the second, they reduced the city size, and made three smaller ones, which reduces unwanted running around for kilometers. Though overall mapsize is bigger.

The best part is out on sea imho. The battles you can have there are just amazing. It all depends on the upgrade system,
if you're able to take on three Man'O'Wars or not :D
In the beginning, even some smaller ships can sink you in seconds xD
And cruising around the sea, while listening to your pirate singing shanties, is just awesome (Leave her Johnny leave her...)

Fighting is still overpowered, but enemies can hit you easier, then in previous titles, which is a plus imho.

Freerunning is as awesome as always, but can be clunky sometimes, but that's mostly yourself being to hectic with the controls :D

And the pirate theme just fits so great into this setting, honestly go buy this if you like AC titles, and if you don't liked them before, start with this!
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