Fake Name   Afghanistan
This is the story of Gopnagook a small boy from Afghanistan. Gopnagook hes a good boy a young boy, this story starts with him at the age of no more then 10. He was recruited into the milatary and sent into training right away. He trained hard and well untill he was the age of 14, still but a young lass he went on his first mission to terminate a small village. He went there and learned something training never tought too him, the rapes. Turns out the soilders young and old liked to kill the men and rape the women too death. Now this small boy Gopnagook decided lets try it out! Gopnagook raped long and hard he was one of the best at it. Over the years he raped and raped.

He became the youngest member of the special rape force(Age of 16). The special rape force was known for as you can guess raping. Gopnagook was known for whats called "The Rape and Bake Special" where he would rape the women who where still inside a burning building yet come out without any burns. No one knew how he did this the R.B.S (Rape and Bake Special) without being harmed.

But one day an 18 year old man followed Gopnagook into the burning building. After raping the women inside right hard he noticed the man who followed him in. So he did as any sane person would do in that story, he grabbed his fully loaded klashnikov and blasted all 32 rounds into this man who followed him in. Saying nothing but he was scared in his defense.

Back at barracks the S.R.F (Special Rape Force) were doing routine training with there tools (Blow up dolls) and fucking away. But you see the other members of the S.R.F got jelous of Gopnagook raping powers. They cornered Gopnagook and started too beat him in a corner. Then a new member of the S.R.F came up behind with a dick as hard as iron and raped one of the attackers so hard the rest fled in fear. So Gopnagook responded aptly aaannnnnd snaped his neck. For you see no gay people are alloud in Afghanistan and ar killed on sight.

So years later Gopnagook now at the age of 24 is ready too attack/rape a U.S.A milatary camp. But there was a problem they had minimal intel on what was at that camp and they dident know about the land mines. Gopnagook died that day and was rembered for being the best raper out there and his R.B.S and that is the story of young Gopnagook.
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