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I'm a neonheights moderator, if that means anything to you.

If I meme in your comments, it usually means I like you, or something.

I own the character "Faeris Carn" .

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--------------Table of Contents--------------
Some information about me
Games I play
Team Fortress 2 Information
Team Fortress 2 Goals
Adding me
Extra Content

--------------Tidbits about me--------------
Name: Frazer
Origin: Scotland
Likes: Rambling & Ranting, Vidya Gaemz, Livestreams
Dislikes: Just about everything Don't take that seriously
Favourite Character: DJ Scully
Others: I like doing stupid shit on the internet because I have no shame.

--------------Games I play--------------
I generally vary what games I play but I'm normally playing Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor 1&2 or Dead by Daylight. I enjoy playing solo but you can always ask, worst case scenario I say no.

--------------TF2 Information--------------
Main class: Buildyman
Sub-Main: That Big Fat Guy With A Minigun
Least Favourite Class: Drunk Stereotypical Scotsman With Explosives and swords
Favourite Sub-class: Shotgun Heavy Fat Scout in other words
Least favourite Sub-class: Demoknight Since Lochknight isn't as viable
Favourite weapon: Shotgun Widowmaker was close though
Least favourite weapon: Panic Attack is still bad
Favourite Unusual effect: Sulphurous
Favourite Item Quality: Strange
Two Cities Tour Level: 100somethin' I don't remember.
Other: I get into Sapper Spam battles

--------------TF2 Goals--------------
Dream Unusual - Complete!
Unusual for each class - Complete!
Upgrade Engineer to look over rated as fuck - Complete!
Hale's Own Stock Engineer - 4/4 This includes the PDA
Collectors Short Circuit & Eureka Effect - Complete!
Sulphurous Unusual for Heavy - 0/1
Stat Clock Rustic Ruiner - Complete! I'm a spoiled brat
Stat Clock Homemade Heater - Complete!
Stat Clock Plaid Potshotter Mk 2 Scattergun - In-progress

--------------Adding Me--------------
- When you talk to me, simply be yourself. It's the best thing to do.
- You don't always have to start the conversation, but it's nice every once in awhile.
- Don't add me for trading, leave that to Item Offers and the comment box at the bottom.
- If we have friends in common I generally don't care unless it's someone I'm particularly fond of.
- I'm an honest person, I expect the same honesty back.
- I'll often voice problems I have with others when they happen, I won't be a dick about it because that's rude.
- If you want to add me I advise leaving a friendly comment or there's a chance I might refuse you.
- I clean my friends list on a regular basis normally so if I'm missing from your friends list, we simply never spoke a lot but you're free to add me back.
- A lot of people add me because of my avatar, please don't be one of those people. If you add me, add me because you're interested in me and not my OC.
- You must leave a comment as to why you want to add me. I keep getting adds by people who have very little personality and/or clearly don't read through my profile. Comments are now mandatory!

--------------Extra Content--------------
I stream every day almost except weekends starting at around 6PM GMT to 8PM GMT. If you ever read this and think "Huh. I wouldn't mind seeing a Scottish person getting salty at video games" then follow, or just show up, or whatever you want to do. [www.twitch.tv]

Q: "Why is your profile set up like this? It's boring."
A: That's because I like simplicity and it reminds me of a basic Java menu in a way.

Q: "Do you play games competitive?"
A: Nope! But other people say I'm good if that means anything to you.

Q: "I dislike (person) on your friends list! Remove them!"
A: Well aren't you an entitled asshat?

Q: "What games do you stream? (When you do stream)"
A: Whatever I feel like but I'll usually dedicate to a game series and play right through it.

Q: "Can I join your game session?"
A: I don't mind but it's always nice to ask me first because I can get competitive.

Q: "Why don't you list besties?"
A: Grab a dictionary and search up the word "Biased"

Q: I put something in my name, why won't you take note of it?
A: If you put something like "Birthday!" or "Depressed" in your name I honestly do not give a flying fuck. Get over yourself.

You ever feel like things just never go right?
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I'll keep this as unbiased as possible.

Killing Floor 2 is the successful sequel to Killing Floor 1. The ZEDs are much scarier then their KF1 counter parts (and the Clot now has a sick as ♥♥♥♥ swag walk), the guns feel powerful and do some real damage thanks to the new M.E.A.T. system which allows you dig into the brains of a Fleshpounds with an AK12 and the characters all have unique voices now which, personally from my perspective, is a great thing because it opens up much wider varieties of humour then just "WAAAANKARS!".

However, development for the game is slow and while Tripwire are doing their best to make the perks feel strong and balanced while also preventing Fleshpounds from being nearly undestroyable there is one very obvious and glaring flaw for now.

Microtransactions in an unfinished game

Now I dunno why this even got past the suggestion phase, the game isn't complete, there are unfinished balancing issues to be addressed, gunslinger is still to be added to the game and work on Sharpshooter (which I'm interested in due to the fast paced nature of Killing Floor 2) is almost non-existant. Not only are we missing one of our core vanilla perks from Killing Floor 1 but the game is nowhere near finished in terms of balancing and perk weapons.

Now, this wouldn't be an issue if the game was finished and these items were offered in a DLC pack, these items are simply cosmetic and weapon skins that do not affect gameplay in any form but the reason this is such a bad thing is because it's preventing production and work on things that need to be addressed in the game right now!

I listed this as negative purely because of how strong an impact microtransactions have on the gaming industry right now, microtransactions should NOT be a part of any game that you pay full price for, it's a gimmick for free-to-play games. Not paid products like Killing Floor 2 which is actually far from finished.

I would love to make this a positive review and I had planned on writing a positive review for Killing Floor 2 but the fact they are also attempting to censor any form of backlash about their decision on the Tripwire Interactive forums has changed my mind. I will not say don't buy this game but I will say this with a heavy heart.

Buy with caution.
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