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6092 sets / 16:1 CS:GO / 17:1 TF / 1:330 Gems
Fabian's Level Up Bot

!ru - переключить язык бота на русский
!en - change bot language to English

!help - list of all commands

Q: Will I receive sets that i have already crafted?
A: No. The bot will check your badges and only trade you sets that you never crafted.

Q: Do I have to own the game before crafting it's badge?
A: No, you don't. You can immediately craft the badges after the trade!

Q: Do I need to deposit anything? How do I know it's safe?
A: You don't have to deposit anything. Everything is done through Steam and you may always check the trade offer you received before accepting it. Also, if you change your mind, you may decline the trade offer at anytime.

Q: What type of keys do you accept?
A: All CS:GO keys are accepted, except for the community sticker and capsule ones and Hydra keys.

Q: I have keys in my inventory, but it's telling me I don't have any?
A: The keys in your inventory must be tradable to work. So make sure, that there aren't any restriction on your keys.

Q: Why has the bot removed me as friend?
A: Sometimes the bot will clean it's friends list. So that other people can add the bot as friend.

Q: I just bought a lot of card sets, but I still don't have them?
A: Steam servers takes some time processing trade offers above 500-1000 items
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