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Season 15: Confined Breakfast (Iron) - Sniper Main
Season 16: Confined Breakfast (steel) - Sniper Main
Season 17: Shoot to Win (steel) - Sniper Main
Season 18: Shoot to Win (steel) - Sniper Main
Season 19: STK (silver) - Sniper Sub
Season 23: Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (silver) - Sniper Sub

Season 1 : Late Night Legends (Open) - Sniper Main


Season 18: Steel team 6 (steel) - Pocket/Roamer
Season 19: Froyotech (iron) - Pocket
Season 20: Ryan Stringer is Stinky (steel) - Pocket
Season 21: Abdul (iron) - Pocket/Roamer
Season 23: R A T S M A S H (steel) - Pocket


Season 6: Cerdur and the Alts (iron) - Soldier/Sniper
Season 7: The Joey Gentile Experience (steel) - Demo/Sniper
Season 8: xnYfETYY7sFmtDkM8DQScPKeaE6pXup... (silver) - Demo/Sniper

Tournamnets :

Some Pug Group Ultiduo tournament : 3rd place

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i turned myself into a pickle im pickle ringo
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Sniper gang pew pew
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