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Yo yo yo it's YourDude TearlessPimp AKA TearlessShrimp (Also don't send friend requests out of no where thanks)
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These aren't for sale I'm just using up for trade window so you can see how many transactions and other stuff I did
Sgt.Spook'em up Oct 19 @ 11:17pm 
Hey, are you busy? If not, could you help me retrieve some items from a gambling site?
SampleText Oct 1 @ 4:37pm 
My pet rock ran away
Zippy Sep 6 @ 6:39am 
Mega fadgit
Zippy Sep 3 @ 7:59am 
More like tear(tare)less pimp
Zippy Sep 3 @ 7:58am 
Jesse Jul 25 @ 6:42pm 
haha nice!