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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

Survival + RPG
1.0.3944 Preview
1 story, 1 sandbox
Game length
20-50/70 hours
Difficulty modes
4 + custom
easy to hard
out of EA in May 2018

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is still in Early Access but will be fully released in lesser then 1 week.

Demon apocalypse happend, the hellgates are open, demons are invading the country. You start your survival on a camping site with your friends and need to fight the strange enemy. You realize that you are in trouble and need to find a secure place to plan next moves. So far the spoiler-free story and yes there is a story campaign with animated intro sequence and an option to play sandbox game.

You are progressing from one mission to next mission and the difficulty rises, but of course you should be prepared. If you rush in the campaign you will loose. You need to build a strong base to defend yourself from demon waves, recruit or rescue new people, craft new weapons and research new stuff.

The mixture of all this is what makes Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation a superb game. It's the "one more move, one more day, one more new item" effect which we know from other good games. "Judgment" conveys the atmosphere of demonic apocalypse in an interesting style: cities are burning, bodies and blood are everywhere and you are looting strange things.

As you start a new game you can decide whether you want to play a story or a sandbox game. In tutorial you will be taught how to survive and then you are on your own. In a sandbox game you simply start without any story.

Interesting point is that as you start new game there is a "map seed" generated for this random map, means if another user starts the game with the same seed number one can play the same map/game. You can customize your three starting characters to a certain degree: you can modify clothes etc and roll/dice for skills till you are happy. Each character has skills like "hobo" etc, means for example "awareness" is decreased by -20%.
Awareness is important in this game, as it is increasing every day. I think that at 50% or more filled awareness progression enemies can attack your base anytime and the more survivers you get, the faster is rises. You can reduce it with buildings, patrols and skills.

The most time you will be in your base, researching a lot of stuff like new weapons, talismans etc, crafting them, building new structures and train your people. But sooner or later you need to go out and scavange for new stuff. On a very huge map you are moving with your squad to points of interest and enter locations. You can either fight all enemies and auto-collect all stuff or simply scavange the stuff. You can also autoresolve all fights, in this way it's faster to loot simply too many locations, maybe there are like over 300 locations, if not more?

A small negative point, the game is locked to 60 fps, but more then 60 are not really necessary.
During the whole 20 hours of playtime i had no crashes, i could save at any timepoint (except in fight maps) and the difficulty was rising in a reasonable way.

If you like survival RPGs or simply RPGs, then definitely grab this game and you will have many hours of fun and joy!
Demon apocalypse survival kit not included :-)

This rating system is my personal opinion and not to be intended to replace a professional rating system in any way!
Rating (% out of 100% * X out of 10, sum of all as final rating X/10)

Story/Campaign (30%)
Gameplay/Controls (25%)
Graphics (20%)
Sound/Music (10%)
Replayability (10%)
Achievements (5%)

My personal rating is

That's how a nice survival game should be: rescue people, train them (RPG elements), craft stuff and build all sorts of buildings in your own base, crush the becoming stronger enemy and bury your comrades just to gain the essence.

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