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Graveyard Keeper

Sandbox + RPG
Game length
30-60? hours
Difficulty modes
easy to hard

Graveyard Keeper is a mixture of sandbox, RPG and casual simulation, where you become an unintentional keeper of a ruined graveyard and needs to find out a way home.
For this goal you will need to cooperate in a village with strange characters like Gerry, a speaking skull, a hobo or other illustrious ladies and gentlemen. Yes, it is somehow similar to another famous sandbox farming game but it's also different in a way that it's more darker and also maybe funnier and don't forget we can also have our own army of zombie workers later.
Overall is the story interesting cause you will get it piece by piece and you unlock a lot of areas later, so there is always like "aha" effect as you progress and i'm happy that devs selected a soft type of music, in this way it never gets annoying.
The most important, this game fascinates you from the start, you want to do 1 more iron ingot to build a better axe, 1 more wood to make a wooden cross and so on. Definitely a game that needs to be played!

Some people write it's a lot of grind, i would say it's not so much grind but it's more running from A to B in the beginning, later you will craft better tools, earn more money and even automate some things, done by zombies. You start a day with 100 energy points and if you do something it diminishes, better tools and buildings make it more easier later. You own different areas like graveyard, farm, general etc. where you can build buildings, tools or other stuff. Not all from start but you can unlock them relatively early, later comes also a dungeon where you can fight enemies. Maybe in the start it's a lot of stuff to do at the same time, so you need to think what comes 1st. A small tip to earn money faster is fishing, fish a golden fish and sell it, there is a nice guide on forum . You research new stuff with 3 different goods/points, colored in red for like force, green for maybe farming or general and blue for science or writing. The most difficult points one to get are blue ones. You can also study or analyze your things to get more of these points but for this you need a lot of faith or faith points which you will get later. I think this faith is the bottleneck for progress sometimes. Really hard to get and you need a lot of it.
There is one negative point for me, which the devs couldn't fix till now, it's a stuttering issue, people wrote it on forum already: if you are going from A to B there is a small moment of stutter like 0,5 seconds, but you can see it and you can ignore it of course, but i hope they can fix it. Overall devs are active and fixing the game regularly.

This rating system is my personal opinion and not to be intended to replace a professional rating system in any way!
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Sound/Music (10%)
Replayability (10%)
Achievements (5%)

My personal rating is

If your boss always tells you to be more active, have more vision or show more initiative, then show them as graveyard keeper how you can rise the dilapidated graveyard to a 5-star hostel for dead bodies. More or less disappeared bodies on the way to the top make no difference.

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