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Metro Exodus

Game length
25-40 hours
Difficulty modes
easy to hard
based on novel "Metro 2035"

I will judge the game itself not what happened around the whole "e" thing.

Metro game series are already a legendary piece of game history. The 3rd game in this series, Metro Exodus, is more then worthy descendant! It introduces open world, intense and immersive story, a crafting and weapon mod system and wodka!
I will not spoil so much about the story, but forget the dark ones from the past, forget metro tunnels, at least for 90% of the game, and welcome an open world with crazy characters, hungry shrimps and 3 or 4 climate zones. Basically you will enjoy your adventure in all climate zones: swamp and marshes, desert and forest.
You will meet a lot of crazy characters, some easter eggs, especially in the desert level , you will love them and you will spend a lot more time in the train then you wanted :-)
The most important thing in this game was the atomsphere and they did it really very good! You need to be careful all the time, go out in the night for hard missions, check always left and right, save your ammo and materials, check always what your team friends have to say. You will be curious the whole time: can i climb this tower, can i reach this island, can i get this thing etc etc.
Metro Exodus is definitely a master piece in my eyes and worth to play it more then one time!

You need a good PC to play it in extreme or ultra settings: i7 CPU, at least 1070 GTX and i guess even 16 GB RAM to get 60-100 fps. In my case on extreme settings the 1st huge map was the best in performance, 60-120 fps, almost no drops to 30. The 2nd and 3rd huge maps were not so good optimized, 2nd map was like constant 40-50 fps, 3rd was like 60. But overall the graphic quality was very good BUT some textures were wishy-washy, even if you go near them, but i think it was simply not possible to make all textures ultra sharp, cause imagine how long it would take to design a big ultra sharp metro world.
I played with Russian audio synchro and English subtitles, but you could see at least in 1st levels that the lip synchro is not fitting in millisecond range. Later it was ok or maybe you get used to it.
The crafting or weapon mod system is one of the highlights in this game: You need to search for new mods and materials and deconstruct or replace all enemy weapons. Weapons getting dirty with time and it's really crucial in the middle of fight to have clean weapons not to get weapon jaming. Imagine you play on Ranger Hardcore difficulty, your weapon get jamed and you are dead cause 3 cicimores reached you in this time.
Last advice: play it in Ranger Hardcore mode, if not on 1st run then on 2nd, this is the true way to play a Metro game! I still need to play it on 2nd run :-)

This rating system is my personal opinion and not to be intended to replace a professional rating system in any way!
Rating (% * X / 100, sum of all as final rating X/10)

Story/Campaign (30%)
Gameplay/Controls (25%)
Graphics (20%)
Sound/Music (10%)
Replayability (10%)
Achievements (5%)

My personal rating is

Brilliant game, more then worthy descendant of Metro 2033 and Last Light! Metro feeling in an open world, a thrilling story, unforgettable characters and passion for collection of materials :-)

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