Felix   New South Wales, Australia
Intelligent Intelligence Officer
ex- General of the Armies on a Gmod server f l e x
General in War Thunder double f l e x
General of the Minutemen in Fallout 4
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papa sam Jul 26, 2021 @ 9:07am 
3/10 when I received this product he was damaged and bullied me for many hours which resulted in me developing severe trauma but he also plays some nice tunes
Shadowscale02 Jan 1, 2021 @ 6:21pm 
absolute lad gave me :hadesbird:
Miller The Kangaroo Apr 8, 2020 @ 3:18am 
Nvm I am general now
Views Apr 8, 2020 @ 2:46am 
"Colonel in War Thunder double f l e x" try having marshal :ccHappy:
Ribs Waifu Dec 31, 2019 @ 12:37am 
Miller The Kangaroo Dec 2, 2019 @ 10:30pm 
-rep won't give general