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Hello, my name is Chad,
I am a freelance developer, currently learning (G)Lua. I'm am from the East Midlands, UK, I currently have previous experience in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. At this time I can currently focus on learning (G)Lua and C#. I also partake in photography and videography as a hobby as well as some graphic design. I am more than confident in being able to complete my task with time and precision.

My Work
At this current time, I am accepting commissions and making some public, free addons. These can be found on the Steam Workshop. To contact me regarding any commissions please Email Me [] or contact me over Discord (Chad#9999) where you will get a quicker response.

Contact Me
As previously mentioned you can contact me by Email me [] or contact me through discord (Chad#9999).
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[h1] Star Wars : Infiltrator System [/h1]
Allow your players a Passive RP experience, allow them to steal data and even make money off of that data. This means you and your players can have fun whilst still being in RP and without an event.

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