Michael James Nord.   Oak Harbor, Washington, United States
Please understand I don't trade at all, so if you're adding me just for that.. don't waste my time, or yours. Other than that, please comment before doing so. Thanks! :tinder:

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Age: 21

Currently in Washington State.

My BattleTag: MistyRain#1737
My Stream [Twitch.tv]
Ahri is best girl~ :selphinehappy:

I'm a washed up idiot that had played WoW over the course of 10~ years, raiding heroic *hardcore* before mythic difficulty was introduced into Siege of Orgrimmar - being one of the best druids, and healers on my server at the time.

Over the course of 6~ years I've amassed over
7,000 [i.gyazo.com] hours into Team Fortress 2 before I stopped.

Now I spend my time casually shooting people in Quake Champions, playing the occasional horror game, and have started playing story games streaming them when I'm able.

Overwatch: 6 sens @ 600 DPI (all heroes) | Quake Champions: 2.300 sens @ 600 DPI 00.22 m_yaw 00.26 m_pitch 6 Windows sens | Killing Floor 2: 9 sens/35 zoomed @ 600 DPI


Listed below are my current computer specs.

DeepCool Tesseract [www.newegg.com]

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Windforce 3GB @ 1797 MHz [www.amazon.com]

Intel® Core™Quad-Core I7-7700 CPU @ 3.6GHz [www.newegg.com]

Gigabyte B250M-DS3H [www.newegg.com]

G.skill Ripjaw 8GB RAM [www.newegg.com]

Thermaltake TR2 ATX Power supply [www.bestbuy.com]

Samsung monitor [www.amazon.com]

WD Absolutely 1 TB Hard Drive [www.amazon.com]

Microsoft Windows 10 64bit [www.amazon.com]


Enhance GX-MP2 XL extended gaming mouse mat [www.amazon.com]
Corsair RGB Strafe cherry MX silent [www.corsair.com]
Corsair Scimitar 12 button MMO mouse (1000 DPI) [www.amazon.com]
Corsair HS50 [www.amazon.com]

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