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7.1 Hours played
Games like this is why I love indie developers, they are the only ones brave enough to try different games and personally I had more fun in the 7 hours 100% completing this game than I have in more expensive AAA titles.

The game has an extremely cool premise where you have to stop a series of murders from happening by observing the murder take place and then tracing the steps back before the murder of both the victim and the perpetrator. Its super clever and really fun to witness everything going on.

The story is great, the mystery of why you are stopping these murders unravels as you get further on and by the end I felt completely satisfied, I wouldn’t change a thing in regards to the story. Although the game has a puzzle tag the actual puzzle solving aspect isn't particularly difficult, it's more important to getting your timings right and observe the characters and how they interact with each other.

The design of the environment is truly great, the individual rooms are beautiful to look at and the whole place is amazing to wander around. As you solve murders you gain new abilities that let you explore other parts of the mansion, it's always good to revisit earlier parts of the mansion with the new abilities.

The music is completely on point, it changes depending on the area you are in and appropriately sets up the mood for what is to happen next. I particularly liked the music in the entrance of the casino :)

People say that the game is short but personally I think it's perfect in length, any more and it would be become stale, any less things would have felt rushed. 6-7 hours to complete and find all the secrets is perfect for me.

My only complaint with the game is there is little to no penalty for not being stealthy, I know it's not really a stealth game but being able to walk into a room whilst people are taking and just walk straight through and out the other side without any really impact to the story or characters is disappointing, personally I would have rather it changed the outcome of that particular day to which you need to rewind time to fix your mistake.

Overall though this game is exceptional, so far it’s the best game I've player this year (2017) and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Steam Controller
Played flawlessly on the Steam Controller using Xinput, for some reason the store page says partial controller support but for me I had no issues and the game presented the correct button prompts.

Steam Link
The game streamed without problems to the steam link, the game doesn’t require any fast reactions so the slower nature of the game means streaming to the steam link with the controller for input even with some latency doesn’t cause a problem.

Widescreen Gaming
The game was unplayable at 5760x1080, the menu was zoomed in and I couldn’t even exit the game. I had to disable Nvidia Surround and play on a single 1080p screen.

Touch Screen Gaming
Untested - specs for game too high for Surface Pro 4.

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