Please refrain from adding me if you are looking for Lua help. Unfortunately I don't have the time to be everyone's personal debugger. Anything else is a'okay

I primarily code in Lua and C# and I map for Source games using Hammer. I'm the dude that started the Coderhire cloning shenanigans and I've done some other stuff
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Exho May 1 @ 5:25am 
Call out my ass
Proper Apr 24 @ 5:20pm 
call out my name - the weeknd
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who asked
DangerKiddy Mar 7 @ 9:13pm 
I have an a question about code of gphone
Reverend V92 Feb 27 @ 12:07pm 
You know you can have the .org download button redirect to another page right? That's what I do these days. I put the workshop page as an external download link.
Exho Feb 27 @ 8:20am 
I’d prefer it if it wasn’t reuploaded by a different user