~~~~Iz ya boi~~~~
Frequently Asked Questions...

Are you a "God" in games?
A - Yes, maybe even beyond

How are you so good?
A - No effort, All skill

Are you Hacking?
A - Do i have a vac-ban?

Can you boost me?
A - Time is money...

What games do you play?
A - Games that require skill.... Roblox is one of them

Are you gay?
A - No

Are you autistic?
A - Almost

Do you have any friends?
A - I hope

Will you add me on steam?
A - Only if i have Played / Traded with you before

Where do you live?
A - Under the ground, heating the world with my incredible power

Do you have a "plan" when you play games?
A - Only when my Autism kicks in

What is your rank in games?
A - Always the best

Do you play to have fun or win?
A - Winning is fun!

Are you toxic?
A - If you make me

Why do you have people that say -rep in comments?
A - To show how retarded some people can be

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+rep lives in Sacuma, speaks Sugondese and has Ligma, pray for his poor soul
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can i get ur number sexy boy
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+rep awesome player and a great dude
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-rep autistic piece of♥♥♥♥♥♥player
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+rep goud man