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:stress: Please, don't bother me with dota. I'm taking a break from it (since May '17). Mabye i'll start playing it again, mabye i won't (since it's gone pretty much :CowPoop: during '17) :stress:
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Also check Vrihedd [vrihedd.deviantart.com]'s gallery, there're some awesome pics there (one of them is my ex avatar i might move back to in future :) ).
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EDIT: Yeah, it's 2019 and it's still the best TTG game they ever did (and will do, RIP).

orig review:
Imo the best Telltale game so far (in terms of overall enjoyment).

I've played WD, WD2, TWAU and GoT too (which really pissed me off, really badly written imo) and also one or two of the older titles (but not sure which ones, didn't play it on steam).

Each had it's theme and they did good job with it, yet i like TftB the most (even though i'm not that big of a fan of Borderlands2 - good game, bud nothing i would be screaming about). This is the game that i enjoyed playing the whole time, not regretting any decision i've made (they wrote it the way you love it either way).
I also love the sence of humor (B2 ofc), the twists (most somewhat predictible, but still interesting / funny) and even though it's telltale game (we all know what that means in matter of "choises"), i had the feeling that in this game they had bigger impact.

Story: 8/10
Music / Voice Acting: 9/10
Graphic/Art: 9/10
Total: 9/10

Go for it!
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