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Try to tell me why you added me! I Dont RP on Steam so dont bother! :chelNormal::coolthulhu:
Avatar: Kumatora calling your opinions as they are. (thanks Valve for restoring it from salty, angry losers)
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I dont tend to bother with EA, Activision Blizzard, or Ubisofts games so dont bug me about them.
11:51 PM - Tamamo: It's one of the reasons halloween is one of my favorite holidays
11:51 PM - Tamamo: I get to watch scary movies
11:51 PM - Tamamo: dress up without being labeled as wierd
11:51 PM - Tamamo: NOT related to invisible sky wizards
11:51 PM - Tamamo: and get to hoard candy
11:51 PM - CJ The Expert: I love that description XD
11:52 PM - CJ The Expert: I got an image of Gandalf and Dumbledore sitting on a large cloud
11:52 PM - CJ The Expert: with a few big mugs of beer
11:52 PM - CJ The Expert: just chatting
11:52 PM - Tamamo: If they were theyd probably be looking at us like were a bunch of idiots
11:52 PM - CJ The Expert: yea...
11:52 PM - Tamamo: "What is this god stuff they speak of Gandalf?"
11:52 PM - CJ The Expert: XD
DJ Cy4G S13eric : this tickles me in a way only lotion can
✂FILIA & SAMSON✂ ☠RiSkY☠: *begins to suck the peanutbutter sensually off your bread
✂FILIA & SAMSON✂ ☠RiSkY☠: Shit
Mawile: ...
Mawile: pfft
Mawile: HAHA
✂FILIA & SAMSON✂ ☠RiSkY☠: sorry bout that
Mawile: I don't mind
Mawile: Thanks for making me laugh
Mawile: I feel better now
✂FILIA & SAMSON✂ ☠RiSkY☠: yeah!
[+DMG] phenol : As science hillbilly, how do I deploy a tiny robo-cop?
[+DMG] phenol : how dallas cowboy build fridge
[+DMG] phenol : how eyeball shoot eyeballs!!!
[+DMG] phenol : how somali pirate get pegleg
[+DMG] phenol : how archer wanker shoot fire
[+DMG] phenol : how coal miner play missile command with wrungler
[+DMG] phenol : How to reprogram cannons with french businessman!
[+DMG] phenol : how make u.s. marine go air force?
[+DMG] phenol : why to build turret as construction worker!
[+DMG] phenol : how white asain bolt sponsor pepsi
[+DMG] phenol : how make tuxedo terrorist do lobster dance?
12:38 AM - ✻✻Festive✻Nomi✻✻: yje gemds are bacl
12:38 AM - ✻✻Festive✻Nomi✻✻: the gems are back
12:38 AM - ✻✻Festive✻Nomi✻✻: bleh what language was that up there?
12:38 AM - Eric Fong: Excian
12:38 AM - ✻✻Festive✻Nomi✻✻: Dylexca
12:38 AM - ✻✻Festive✻Nomi✻✻: Dyslexca*
12:38 AM - Eric Fong: xD
Helpful things for me for L4D2

"got tired of ret@rds commenting "TURN ON YOUR FLASHLIGHT", so I spent a couple of days figuring this out myself.

go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\cfg\video.txt and add this setting
"setting.mat_tonemapping_occlusion_use_stencil" "1"
after saving it, set it to read only.
do the same thing to videodefaults.txt if you want."

sv_consistency 0 to use custom models without game freaking out over them.
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Anion Apr 30 @ 6:48pm 

I see you're a man of culture aswell (you have a mother 3 avatar)
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Hi guys I'm okay! Had a hard few weeks with medicine change. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts
I met Rockhopper Mar 14 @ 8:07pm 
Also I'm jealous of your Isabelle Amiibo :trance::krstar:
I met Rockhopper Mar 8 @ 5:12pm 
Pit can stay illiterate, I ship Isabelle with Snake in the smash universe :trance::wsma_embarassed:
Excarius Nomi Feb 24 @ 8:47pm 
I have, mostly BECAUSE of Brawl and Smash games.