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cool gamer quotes:

"I'm not high fiving a W+M2"

"Who's this cute little modder and how tight is her mods"

"do you think ralsei will be a cuck when he grows up?"

"why dont you play miencomf with me"

"This message in the 'crashing because i modded my gun too much' [mod that will not be named] goes out as a special 'Fuck You to EvilBobarino, a pathetic asshole who throws fits because someone dares to make a joke about a project they were involved with, despite first directly insulting the good work of this pack. Good job, asshole."

"I haven't been that degenerate since... mid 2018"

"I'm so excited to make my friends more uncomfortable than I already do <3"

"i ubered an afk pyro cool"

"fucking faggot gay blu furry team of pyros"

"can u make a mod the restaurate the old bain voice?"

"Seeing a pink horse pyro run at me to slap my ass made me shit myself a little."
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ive earned the title of big guy for being big and guy
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+rep the cutest unicorn ever
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+rep got the server up, hope you have an amazing weekend :)
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-rep server still isn't up, hope you have an amazing weekend :)