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ever heard of patch notes?

"Chest Keys have been removed from the game.
Crystal refunds will be given to anyone that has keys in their inventory."
Feb 20 @ 3:21pm
In topic Anyone else having fun with Blanka?
Im looking forward to getting bullied by blanka
Feb 20 @ 1:41pm
In topic Blanka already available offline
Originally posted by seabeastX:
You could always play the new character offline if you patch and have the seasons pass.
Feb 20 @ 12:01pm
In topic Misty Woods missing energy cell :/
No there is a cell if you run all the way to left and use the feather
Feb 19 @ 1:19pm
In topic any sales for this ?
the game has had plenty of sales
Feb 18 @ 8:59am
In topic Misty Woods missing energy cell :/
If it's the cell that requires you to use the feather to get to then yes you can get it.
Originally posted by Baines:
The new Wish List UI renders it nearly useless for what I used the Wish List for.

EDIT: Oh, and the new UI doesn't even work properly with searching a page in Firefox. With the old list, I could just Cntl+F and search for "%" to quickly jump through all the games that were on sale. That doesn't work with the new UI, as a browser search won't scroll the new view.

the filters has a on sale filter so no need for cntl+F to find sales. It will now filter so you only see items that are on sale.
I love it the new filters are great so i can filter 75% only games and 50% off. it still has lowest price filter as well.

This was a much needed change, when you have over 479 games on your wishlist it was a pain before
Feb 8 @ 10:13am
In topic Worth 10$?
What somthing is worth is subjective
You just need to git gud
Feb 1 @ 4:38pm
In topic Screw Jim Sterling
why you getting salty over one persons opinion?
Jan 31 @ 12:39am
In topic "The Vector" Diana hints bugged?
it's not bugged, some have similar habbits. Once you get the hang it, it's pretty easy.
Jan 27 @ 10:13am
In topic Win Extra Battle reward more than once?
pretty clear to me, it says you play it three times to win 2,500 three times
Because that's how steam handles dlc. Io needed to produce them that way to get the 30$ price tag as advertised
Jan 20 @ 3:42pm
In topic ranked matchmaking
being able to demote yourself is silly, i think once you get to a promotion lets say silver, you can't get demoted but you can have 0 points. that would be better
Jan 17 @ 4:57pm
In topic Weird idea for a sorta co-op mode
Originally posted by TheMasterWiener:
Originally posted by Y337:
oh here we go another troll lol!
You have a weird definition of a troll dude
make your idea in unity, then let us know how boring it is
Jan 16 @ 3:06pm
In topic Still no cloud saves?
Jusy use game save manager, it does a automatic backup of your games
stop crying
Jan 16 @ 3:41am
In topic HITMAN Game Files
The game is like 80GB, sending and downloading would take the same time
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