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Sep 8 @ 2:00pm
In topic Whan PS4 Spider-Man On Steam?
Originally posted by Black Blade:
From my understanding, Marvel owns the rights, and the give Sony to use it, Sony pick not to make it multi-platform

So its basically up to Marvel and Sony to bring it to PC, it may be hard to convince Sony on that as there profiting from this, but Marvel may be willing to play ball if enough push for it
That is wrong, Sony currently have control over the Spider-Man IP.
Sep 3 @ 5:39am
In topic Steam Bad Rating System
A game is either good or bad, you either like it or you don't. Same with steam reviews.
Originally posted by Vulpes_Inculta:
Some people may be hyped about this whole "world of assassination" BS, but for me personally it means that for the foreseeable future the game will stagnate, each new "season" will be on the same engine with the same boring animations and the same primitive hand-holding gameplay with very few improvements to the mechanics. The world of boredom.
You do realize you can disable all help from the game.
Aug 24 @ 12:10pm
In topic Duplicate tiles
It can be very confusing at first, but the tiles that do not change are the corect ones. You need to right click and see what reverse tile is.
works fine on windows 10 for me.
Originally posted by Snow:
Originally posted by IEVI:
the dlc is optional.
200 IQ response clean capcom up after you’re finished
Salty about gestures you won't even use.
Originally posted by Snow:
Taking greed to the next level guess this is what video games are now
the dlc is optional.
Jul 25 @ 6:18pm
In topic Rollback to Atlas Rise or wait...
i5-6600 and gtx 1080, the game works flawlessly
And i died and lost all my items :sfsad:
Jul 6 @ 5:32am
In topic 100% Missions
Can confirm, I'm now stuck at 104%.
Jul 1 @ 8:58am
In topic 100% Missions
Jun 29 @ 12:48pm
In topic No achievements?
You might need glasses
Jun 26 @ 3:58pm
In topic Publisher page not working?
Jun 25 @ 11:16am
In topic expansion pack 2, level 2 help?
Originally posted by L. Stotch:
Level 4 is now also easier. :steammocking:
So far so good, I'm at level 9
Jun 25 @ 10:33am
In topic Yeah... nah...
the tiers are pretty much the season pass
Jun 25 @ 9:43am
In topic expansion pack 2, level 2 help?
Originally posted by L. Stotch:
Update the game. Made the level a little easier.
Thanks a lot, was able to complete it.
Originally posted by Vince:
Originally posted by IEVI:
Why do you care?
Why did you respond?

Oh look this is fun. Someone do me
I just find it funny that someone cared so much to make a thread about somthing so irrelevant.
Jun 25 @ 8:39am
In topic expansion pack 2, level 2 help?
the puzzle piece is in the wrong place but i'm not able to move it since it's blue.
Jun 25 @ 8:34am
Originally posted by Tanaka:
it's not even a porn game...
Why do you care?
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