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Ring around a rosie... A pocket full of posies...
Atishu! Atishu! We all fall down. :maple_leaf::match_fire::autumn_leaf::cold_Winter:

Such a lovely nursery rhyme. A strong way to make light of the black death.

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All of my Dino D-Day mods
Just a quick note, links without [] next to them go to their dedicated page on Steam. Just bear in mind that Dropbox links go straight to the download.

- The Soundpack []: Change the weapon firing sounds, so that they're louder, and more distinct. Also lets you hear your enemies' gunfire from further away. Always recommended.

- Sniper Crosshair Mod : Improve your sniper crosshairs, making it easier to aim with a scope. A solid choice for any sniper, if you prefer more conventional crosshairs over the default.

- New Crosshair Mod : Change your hipfire crosshairs to something a bit more suitable. There are a few options available, so you can pick what you want for your aim game that much better.

- Richtofen's Voice Soundmod []: Switches the Germans' voice with Edward Richtofen's, from CoD Zombies. The Germans are now louder, funnier, crazier, and speak English.

- Wildcat's Goat Throwing Mod []: Hear Wildcat scream "Get outta here bitch!" when you throw a goat. This is a minor soundmod that makes playing Dilo funnier. (ref.)
These are my weapon skins. I'll feature the variety above this section, here.

- Carbon Fibre Skinpack []: Best skin yet: Weapons that are shinier, darker, and more interesting overall. A fresh coat of paint, currently the best skinpack on offer in all of DDD.

- The Mortivia Fountain weapons : A blue and black set of skins, said to be excavated from a cursed aqueduct erected several hundred years ago. An ideal skinpack, for colourful weapons.

- The Hellish Trench Gun : A pair of M1897 Trench guns skins, with a volcanic theme. This download comes with both the former shotgun skin, ands its remastered version.

- The Cursed M1 Garand [] An M1 Garand that was fused with Night's Edge, and then Pack-a-Punched. Changes both the skin and sounds of the weapon, ideal for strong players.

- Aquamarine Weapons [] The first skin I ever made. Lower-quality, but a throwback to a less-experienced time. Only the P38 and STEN are affected, but a revisit may be in order. (OUTDATED)

- The Golden Guns []: Applies a golden texture to the K98, MP40, BAR, and Flechette Gun. Bound to be eventually remastered, with overall better textures. (OUTDATED)

- Woodland Weapons [] Overhauls the weapons' metal, and adds a green/brown/tan/black camo to the weapons. Affects several weapons, but not every one (OUTDATED)
Subway Aug 8 @ 5:16pm 
Mate what you cooking right now I smell saimin
Amalia Aug 4 @ 8:41pm 
No problem, man. I do own a few other Call of Duty titles, so if you want, we can work on modding together.
Lemmino Aug 4 @ 7:58pm 
Thanks for all the support on my mods. I'm new to modding in general, so it's been nice to have such feedback as you've given.
Subway Aug 1 @ 5:42pm 
Yes mayt
Amalia Aug 1 @ 2:35pm 
But no, mate