Ethan   South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
✪ Hammer : fuck this game the entire team is brainless

9:40 PM - champion boyboy: is call of juarez the cartel good?
9:40 PM - Tom: literally the best game
9:40 PM - champion boyboy: what makes it so good?
9:41 PM - Tom:

I did not earn my backpack. It was a complete mistake. Like my birth.

Best Game N/A

"Dumbass" ~Corncake 2014-2017
Tom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): ban fat womenn
"Wow she's uber racist" Kirolous 2015
"It's GTA, not be nice to people." ~Corncake 2015
choo: teamspeak is going full retard right now
choo: it's hilarious
Clara ♥: what do you mean?
Clara ♥: is tom there?
That is one .... Head ~Kirolous 2015
I mean vaping is cool ~Tom 2015
Wanna do something gay to the rock like pee on it? ~Tom 2015
I thought you were snorting dick through your dick you gay. ~Tom 2015
Hydrogen is dope as fuck. ~choo 2016
I'm glad this boat is driving 3 years per mile. ~Tom 2016
Do you think if I changed my name to Tom Jeremy Ron Jeremy would be upset? ~Tom 2016
"I believe I am the best at every game I play” “We know who the good players are in this ts and we know who the others are” ~SpectroG
"Why don't you die when I hit you with gun" ~Alquhaseltzer 2016
"Hey, I killed the jew guy" ~Shpoople 2016
"He is dead OH I AM DEAD I AM HE" ~Raz 2016
That hurt tom.
Yea, so do trucks. ~Tom 2016
You got to prepare for the fingering ~Raz 2016
Like, Come here dog, you want some of this dick? ~Tom 2016
Oh hell yea, only 31.99 for a nerf gun ~Tom 2016
My favorite Autsin Powers character is a bag of goldfish ~Jason 2016
Short Girl: welcome to hello ~Ethan 2016
If I order 2 do you think I'll get 2 right foot foot? ~tom 2016
Give me attention god isn't real ~Tom 2016
Money makes you cuter kagi ~Tom 2016
Is it the game where you play as Dylan Klebold and walk around the halls of Gotham City. ~Tom 2016
Sick Emote. Fuck you ~Ethan 2016
You guys ever watch a fun show that's cooky and someone is like go rape her. ~Quinn 2016
I'm watching lightning eat shit outside my window ~Ethan 2016
My girlfriend is coming over and I don't have enough penis space ~Tom 2016
Wait, I have a job, I can buy a burqah ~Tom 2016
I love having duct tape on my penis ~Tom 2016
I don't like getting gang banged by a bunch of gnomes ~James 2016
God please pee on me ~Ethan 2016
I'm pretty sure if I said Rawr xD to her she'd squirt through her jeans ~Tom 2016
Guy bee movie good game ~Ethanme 2016
Nigger ~Chaps 2015
Fuck fuck fuck fuck this god damn nigger fuck song fuck ~Tom 2016
You didn't boogle the biggle when I asked you to tiggle ~Tom 2016
I'd buy so many drugs if I could find some one with all of them ~Ethan 2016
I want nothing more than daddies cummies ~Tom 2016
Duct tape protects iPhone from drop I'll tell you it protects you from kids ~Tom 2016
Now I know I could kick your ass if I wanted to but you're too cute BAKA ~Ethan 2016
I'll damper your spamper ~Ethan 2016
To where my bullets go for I aimeth thy head to which they don't show ~Tom 2016
Her lower half is pretty much a pudding pack ~Quinn 2016
I love men ~Tom 2016
We're gonna have sex 112 times and 100 of those are going to be fucking dogs ~Tom 2016
She's a pretty hot dude ~Tom 2016
The Wizard of Oz is a horror movie depending on who you are ~Ethan 2016
I wish I could ask my feet things ~Tom 2016
Hey Tom, What's the shape of Italy? Warped Tour ~Tom 2016
I wish I knew a world where kagi's penis wasn't in my mouth ~Tom 2016
I troll her by asking her for her numbers friends ~Ethan 2016
The lady bits outweigh the boy bits ~Kevin 2016
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