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Why does every life is strange game have to end on a depressing note?
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“What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?”

“All men are not created equal. Some are born swifter of foot, some with greater beauty. Some are born into poverty and others born sick and feeble. Both in birth and in upbringing in sheer scope of ability every human is inherently different. Yes, that is why people discriminate against one another, which is why there is struggle, competition, and the unfaultering mark of progress. Inequality is not wrong, equality is.”

The Legend of Townze:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Townze can we get a part 3?
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My Computer specs:
Processor: Intel i9 - 9900kf
Graphics Card: 3060 ti
power supply: Corsair 850 gold
Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) DDR4 3200
Storage c: Nvme SPCC M.2 PCIe SS 256GB
Storage: 2tb WD green
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H
Mouse: Logitech G703 Wirless
Keyboard: Logitech G pro
Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset, White

Old Pc:
New pc:
New parts:

Past Competitive experience
Off Tank, Lucid Reality 4.3K (11/21 - current)
UGC Premier Playoffs 5-3 (5th place)

Off Tank, Seattle Swift 4.1K (03/21 - 11/21)
Grand Finals Runner up (2nd place)

Off Tank, S.S. CuttleFish 4.0K (08/21 - 11/21)
Trance Tier Playoffs 6-3

Off Tank, Lunar Equinox 3.9K (01/21 - 06/21)
GGNA Advanced Division (4-4)

Overwatch OD season 3
Offtank (4-6, 4 forfit L)

Overwatch OD season 2
Main tank (5-5)

Tf2 UGC steel season 28 6v6
1st Place (9-2)

Tf2 UGC silver season 26 6v6
12th place (4-4)

Tf2 UGC steel season 25 6v6
5th place (5-2)

Tf2 UGC steel season 23 6v6
5th place (6-3) playoffs

Tf2 UGC steel season 25 6v6
31st place (4-1,l late start)

Tf2 UGC steel season 21 Highlander
8th place (6-4) playoffs

Tf2 UGC steel season 20 Highlander
8th place (6-5)playoffs
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120 hrs on record
last played on Jun 23
14.8 hrs on record
last played on Jun 21
24 hrs on record
last played on Jun 7
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