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"Never argue with stupid people, they will only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience"

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✪Offline: Sleeping or study.
✪Busy: Doing other things.
✪Away: Im not here, talk to me later.
✪Online: Im free to chat.
✪In-game: I need to focus so please dont bother me.

Ranks i've been!
Silver 1 [✔]
Silver 2 [✔]
Silver 3 [✔]
Silver 4 [✔]
Silver Elite [✔]
Silver Elite Master [✔]
Gold Nova 1 [✔]
Gold Nova 2 [✔]
Gold Nova 3 [✔]
Gold Nova Master [✔]
Master Guardian 1 [✔]
Master Guardian 2 [✔]
Master Guardian Elite
Distinguished Master Elite
Legendary Eagle
Legendary Eagle Master
Supreme Master First Class
The Global Elite


𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓵 𝓲𝓷𝓯𝓸


I will block you if:
:GreenArrow: You have level under 5
:GreenArrow: You are rude to me
:GreenArrow: You are trying to scam me
:GreenArrow: You are spamming me or spam inviting me
:GreenArrow: You are asking for free stuff
:GreenArrow: You are annoying me or if I generally dont like you
:GreenArrow: You invite me to a game while i am in a game.
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R.I.P XXXTentacion :( <3 Aug 18 @ 1:04pm 
TY man love u nohom
WuzZ CS.MONEY Aug 18 @ 12:57pm 
Yes i do in an hour in words to the facebook bot.
R.I.P XXXTentacion :( <3 Aug 18 @ 12:54pm 
when is csmoney back u know?
Joona Aug 11 @ 1:37pm 
+rep seems like a nice and chill dude
DarkS1DE Jul 11 @ 9:32am 
signed by DarkS1DE
VizZ- Jul 10 @ 3:08am