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Personal Achievements

Kill it with fire!

Kill a spider with fire


Kill a Ninja with Shuriken

Clever girl

Death by a Dinosaur 10 times

Fool me once...

Death by Clown 2 times


Kill 10 Paper Cranes in one play through

The Shadow of Courage

End the night with only 1s room revealed 10 times
0 / 10

Up close and personal

Beat a Boss without using Off-hand

Kungfu fighting

Beat a Boss without taking damage

My precious

Collect 1000+ Nuts in one play through

One does not simply walk into more doors

Open all doors in one play through


Turn on all lights in one play through

Breaking badly

Break 100 breakable in one play through

Dusty Apocalypse

Kill 100 enemies in one play through

No touching!

Kill 30 enemies in one play through without taking damage


Go 5 room from base without killing anyone

Finders keepers

Open 10 Chest in one play through

Who’s the bandit now?

Win at the Slot machine 3 times in a round


Activate 10 Rat holes in one play through

Black cat crossing

Fail 3 Challenges in one play through

Don’t look down

In the air for 10 seconds

Mission improbable

Complete the games within 49 nights

What goes around…

Get an enemy killed by other enemies actions

There and back again

Manually end a night 1st time

First of Many

Kill 1st enemy

Great, kid. Don’t get cocky

Use all four weapon type for the 1st time
0 / 4

Comes great responsibility

Complete the 1st Side Quest

No Encumbered!

Open Inventory 1st time

Good luck, have fun

Change all type of equipment for the 1st time
0 / 5

Salvation lies within

Pick up the 1st Diary page

Until you are complete again

Shut down the 1st Dark cabinet

You shall not pass!

Shut down the 1st Dark cabinet

Beam me up!

Use a Rat hole for the 1st time

Keep calm and carry on

Death by a Dark rift for the 1st time

Better get used to these bars…

Open Free prisoner for the 1st time

I’ll need this

Open Scavenge Point for the 1st time

Vault dweller

Open a Safe for the 1st time

Double or nothing

Bet at a Slot machine for the 1st time

Let there be light

Turn on the Power Stabilizer for the 1st time


Turn on a Light Switch for the 1st time

Can it run Crysis?

Build the 1st ever structures

Missing mid!

Got Raided for the 1st time

This... is my... BOOMSTICK!

Craft the 1st thing ever

Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better

Complete full game

Stay a while, and listen!

Open all diary pages


Kill the 1st Boss

Serial killer

Kill every type of enemies
0 / 47


Visit every type of room
0 / 10

The Trader

Complete all Monger’s Side Quests

The Veteran

Complete all Pike’s Side Quests

The Padawan

Complete all Grendel’s Side Quests

The Architect

Complete all Archie’s Side Quests

The Sensei

Complete all Pat’s Side Quests

The Smith

Complete all Smythe’s Side Quests

The Gentleman

Complete all Mantle’s Side Quests

The Collector

Complete all Curio’s Side Quests

The Kunoichi

Complete all Nina’s Side Quests

The Ronin

Complete all Ron’s Side Quests

The Inventor

Collect 50% blueprints

Mister Know-it-all

Collect all blueprints

Junkyard Delight

Collect all types of material
0 / 54

The Artisan

Craft 1000 Times
0 / 1,000

If It Fits I Sits

Open 100 Chests
0 / 100


Collect 10000 Nuts
0 / 10,000

What happened in Vegas

Win at the Slot machine 10 times
0 / 10

Challenge Accepted

Open 30 Challenge Chests
0 / 30

Boom shakalakalaka!

Break 300 Breakables
0 / 300


Switch the light on 100 times
0 / 100

Greed is good

Collect material 1000 times
0 / 1,000

Lockpicking increased to 9000

Open 100 doors
0 / 100

Explain this odd behavior...

Pick up 50 Keys
0 / 50

Go ahead. Make my day

Kill 1000 Enemies
0 / 1,000

Death is inevitable

Die 100 times
0 / 100

Tangado a chaded!

Successfully Defend 10 times
0 / 10

"It's a trap!"

Drop 100 drop platforms
0 / 100