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Thank you.
Opublikowana: 14 września.
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Took me literally 20 ♥♥♥♥ing minutes to find my friends server due to the devs not having enough foresight to even add a filter to the server list. Everytime I try to join a server, after I create my character and try to actually join the server I get immediatly disconnected and an error pops up in the main menu. All the Canadian servers got ddos'd for the past hour and US servers were down for about a half hour. Sadly can't write a review on the actual gameplay because it's not possible to access it.

10/10 would play server menu simulator again
Opublikowana: 29 sierpnia 2018. Ostatnio edytowane: 29 sierpnia 2018.
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I'm having a really hard time deciding if I should recommend this game or not.
This game is essentially batman: arkham city in overall feel, Assassins creed Origins in combat, with an RPG system mixed in.

I loved how there was an RPG element mixed with so much story telling, as I haven't been able to find this mix in a game as well done as Vampyr has done it. Parts of the story come out of absolutely no where and really throw you for a loop (an example is the romance). Overwell the storytelling itself is pretty good, and again; I loved the RPG asepcts.
Now for the negatives.
This game took me 16 hours to finish from start to end. And that's not just me ending the main story and stopping playing the game, that's the game prohibiting me from playing anymore seeing as I finished the main story. I would love to continue playing, if for nothing else, to complete the achivements; but there is so much more I feel I haven't discovered. I'm sure there's a chance I could re-play the game and I could get a more full experience, but I just don't see this game having much of any replay ability. Which is interesting, seeing as the game changes based on your actions; right? Wrong. It is almost fully planned out from the start, which isnt neccesarily a problem; just not what I expected. There is a lot of throw-away dialog that is completely useless and if nothing else just adds hours to your overall time played. The combat can be a little clunky. And you can kill every single NPC in the game with very little reprecussion (as I did). My main problem with the game as i've said before is how you can't play past finishing the final boss. I'm sure I could sink at least another 5-10 hours into the game if this were an option, but apparently it's just too hard to add?

I would say if you can get this game on sale for maybe half off or 25% off it would be a pretty good purchase, since playing as a Vampire is just something that gaming hasn't yet explored in such a fasion; but I can say with full certainty this is not a $50 purcahase.
I did enjoy the game a good amount, but for the final 5 hours of the game it felt like I was playing just to finish what I have started. There just feels like theres something or some things missing from the game, which is why I would put this at a $20 price tag.
Opublikowana: 20 czerwca 2018. Ostatnio edytowane: 21 czerwca 2018.
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1,299.4 godz. łącznie
This game is Rust except PVE, which imo is a good thing. I enjoy Rust immensely as I do Ark; but lets talk about pros and cons.
Huge variety of dinos
A few different way to tame dinos
A pretty big building variety aswell
Tons of mods
The story line is extremely interesting
Great graphics
Not too many bugs that i've ran into
BREEDING!!! (one of my fav things about games)
The community is really nice
A little bit of RNG on dino stats and loot drops which makes the game a little more suspenseful
You can put a TON of time into this game and still have stuff to do
Land, Water, and Air dinos
Tons of different maps and ways to play

What I would consider a HORRIBLE PVP experience. Clunky, laggy, awful reg... yay
The building system itself can be a little annoying (unless you're using the S+ mod)
As much as I think this game IS worth $60, I am upset about the price increase
There could be more holiday updates and better ones, especially for the price
Water can run out a little too fast imo but even this can be changed in settings
You can only have 175 dinos (IDK if this can be changed through settings or if this applies to single player)

I started to really cherry pick with the Cons but there really aren't too many negatives about this game in the first place.

I would highly recommend this game even if you don't think you like PVE or Survival games!!!!
Opublikowana: 25 grudnia 2017. Ostatnio edytowane: 20 czerwca 2018.
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This game is horrible. Its an extremely choppy, terribly optimized mix of Cs:Go and COD. I can't find the words to explain how horrible this game is and I supposed I should consider myself lucky seeing as that is so, because I don't have to waste as much time writing this review as I did "playing" the "game." All i'm going to say is, if you're looking for a good FPS game; Candycrush would be a better option than this.
Opublikowana: 14 sierpnia 2017. Ostatnio edytowane: 14 sierpnia 2017.
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1,286.0 godz. łącznie
I would list positives; but the list would be too long. So I will tell you the negatives.
Game is rampant with speed hackers as of 7/3. I personally haven't encountered one; but i've heard many many many complaints.
Killers are disgustingly underpowered.
"Balancing" team are very low ranks, therefor balances are catered towards lower ranking people.
It's tough for new players to get into the game due to the ranking system.

I know i've listed a good amount of cons; but even with them the game is very worth it. I would recommend waiting for a sale; but it's worth it regardless!
Opublikowana: 11 kwietnia 2017. Ostatnio edytowane: 3 lipca 2018.
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The build update has pretty much ruined this game for me. All I ever see and all i'm ever building is a 2x2 honeycombed. New and cool bases used to be the only thing that would make the gameplay different, otherwise it's just hit the node and go to the rad town. I know i've started this review off very negatively; but you have to understand that after almost 2000 hours I just can't enjoy the game anymore. This game is amazing, and you can play it for forever. Right now there's only 1 friend on my list with under 1000 hours; and he has 500. For the price, you will get a long time of enjoyment from Rust. I would highly recommend, the only reason I have only listed negatives is so you know what are the main down sides to the game.
Opublikowana: 22 sierpnia 2015. Ostatnio edytowane: 20 czerwca 2018.
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2,836.1 godz. łącznie
Honestly I can't write a bad review seeing as i've chalked up almost 3000 hours playing; however the game has started to dull for me at about 2000 hours. After a long time of playing, it gets hard to "Try-hard" in the game. From 4 man stacking to my semi-pro adventures, this game has been an unbelievably amazing use of money, aswell as my time. I dont feel that i need to write an expansive review to talk about how amazing this game is, I just hope you take my word for how great this game is.
Opublikowana: 29 lipca 2015. Ostatnio edytowane: 21 października 2017.
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