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Athletic Sloth- I don't want to know about your flexible anus
Athletic Sloth- I thought vodka was just concentrated tap water
Athletic Sloth- Being a different colour is worse
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'72 Deep Fried Desire (Unboxed)
'72 Meet the Medic
'72 Fresh Brewed Victory
'72 Killer Solo
'72 Fubar Fanfare (Unboxed)
'72 Panzer Pants
Aces High Pyromancer's Mask
Aces High Greased Lightning
Aces High War Pig (Unboxed)
Acidic Bubbles of Envy Soviet Strongarm
Ancient Eldritch Hellmet (Strange)
Anti-Freeze Electric Escorter
Anti-Freeze Brainiac Hairpiece
Anti-Freeze Trash Man
Arcana Das Naggenvatcher
Blizzardy Storm Deep Cover Operator
Blizzardy Storm Detective Noir
Blizzardy Storm Razor Cut (Strange)
Blizzardy Storm Shooter's Sola Topi
Blizzardy Storm Soldier's Stash
Blizzardy Storm Well Wrapped Hat
Bonzo The All-Gnawing Trash Man
Bonzo The All-Gnawing Western Wear
Bubbling Otolaryngologists Mirror
Bubbling Shooter's Sola Topi
Burning Flames Capo's Capper
Burning Flames Gentleman's Gatsby
Burning Flames Sola Topi
Burning Flames Trash Man
Burning Flames Trophy Belt
Cauldron Bubbles Salty Dog
Cauldron Bubbles Scotch Bonnet
Chiroptera Venenata Western Wear
Circling Heart Flipped Trilby
Circling Heart Ground Control
Circling Heart Salty Dog
Circling Heart Sola Topi
Circling Heart Trash Man
Circling Heart Western Wear
Circling Heart Federal Casemaker
Circling Heart Letch's LED (Unboxed)
Circling Heart Pencil Pusher
Circling Heart Well Rounded Rifleman
Cloud 9 Das Maddendoktor
Cloud 9 Federal Casemaker
Cloud 9 Texas Slim's Dome Shine
Cloud 9 Merc's Mohawk
Cloud 9 Tough Guy's Toque
Cloud 9 Sergeant's Drill Hat
Cloudy Moon Bonk Helm
Cloudy Moon Dread Knot
Cloudy Moon Your Worst Nightmare
Cool King of the Jungle Minigun (Minimal Wear)
Cool Piña Polished War Paint (Min Wear, Unboxed)
Darkblaze Capo's Capper
Dead Presidents Head Hedge (UNBOXED)
Dead Presidents Sola Topi
Death at Dusk Professor's Peculiarity
Death by Disco Hellmet
Demonflame Bombing Run
Disco Beat Down Data Mining Light
Disco Beat Down Front Runner
Disco Beat Down Master's Yellow Belt
Disco Beat Down Nappers Respite
Disco Beat Down Sola Topi
Disco Beat Down Soviet Gentleman
Disco Beat Down Spook Specs
Disco Beat Down Tough Stuff Muffs
Disco Beat Down Trash Man
Eerie Orbiting Fire Capo's Capper
Eerie Orbiting Fire El Jefe
Electrostatic Slick Cut
Electric Hat Protector Head Full of Hot Air (Unboxed)
Energy Orb Woodsy Widowmaker (Strange, Well-Worn)
Flaming Lantern Familiar Fez
Flaming Lantern Sola Topi
Fountain of Delight: High Five
Fountain of Delight: Flippin' Awesome
Fountain of Delight: Dueling Banjo
Frostbite Crocleather Slouch
Ghastly Ghosts Jr Pom-Pommed Provocateur
Green Black Hole Brigade Helm
Green Black Hole Federal Casemaker
Green Black Hole Sola Topi
Green Confetti Defiant Spartan
Green Confetti Outta' Sight
Green Confetti Danger
Green Confetti Western Wear
Green Confetti Pomade Prince
Green Energy Brain Bucket
Green Energy Engineer's Cap
Green Energy Exquisite Rack
Green Energy Pyro's Beanie
Green Energy Merc's Mohawk
Green Energy Sola Topi
Green Energy Towering Pillar of Hats
Green Energy Villain's Veil
Harvest Moon Gentleman's Ushanka
Haunted Ghosts Blighted Beak
Haunted Ghosts Engineer's Cap
Haunted Ghosts Little Buddy
Haunted Ghosts Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet
Haunted Ghosts Scotch Bonnet
Haunted Ghosts Trash Man
Haunted Ghosts Vintage Merryweather
Hellish Inferno Skullcracker (Unboxed)
Holy Grail Fresh Brewed Victory
Holy Grail I See You
Holy Grail Killer Solo
Holy Grail Rancho Relaxo
Holy Grail Results are In
Holy Grail Schadenfreude
Holy Grail Square Dance
Holy Grail Proletariat Posedown
Holy Grail Russian Arms Race
Hot King of The Jungle Minigun (Minimal Wear)
Hot Clover Camo'd War Paint (Field Tested, Unboxed)
Infernal Flames High Five
Infernal Smoke Carlton
It's A Secret To Everybody Liquidator's Lid
It's A Secret To Everybody Madame Dixie
It's A Secret To Everybody Trophy Belt
It's A Secret To Everybody Your Worst Nightmare
Isotope Brain Candy Pistol (Strange, Field Tested)
Isotope Merc Stained War Paint (MinWear, Unboxed)
Kill A Watt Brotherhood Of Arms
Kill-A-Watt Helmet Without A Home
Knifestorm Medic's Mountain Cap
Knifestorm Mining Light
Knifestorm Modest Pile of Hat
Knifestorm Scotch Bonnet
Knifestorm Shooter's Sola Topi
Knifestorm Swagmans Swatter
Knifestorm Tam O Shanter
Knifestorm Wraith Wrap
Knifestorm Your Worst Nightmare
Massed Flies Fancy Fedora
Massed Flies Professional's Ushanka
Mega Strike Soviet Strongarm
Memory Leak Full Metal Drill Hat
Memory Leak Towering Pillar Of Hats
Miami Nights Buckaroos Hat
Miami Nights Cotton Head
Miami Nights Madame Dixie
Miami Nights Swagman's Swatter
Midnight Whirlwind Schadenfreude
Misty Skull Gentleman's Gatsby
Misty Skull Trophy Belt
Molten Mallard Runner's Warm Up
Morning Glory Bear Necessities
Morning Glory Hat of Cards
Morning Glory Well Rounded Rifleman
Nuts N Bolts Dread Knot
Nuts N Bolts El Jefe
Nuts N Bolts Noble Amassment Of Hats
Nuts N Bolts Team Captain
Nuts N Bolts Katyusha (Unboxed)
Nuts N Bolts Front Runner
Orbiting Fire Surgeons Stahlhelm
Orbiting Fire Coupe D'isaster
Orbiting Fire Winter Woodsman
Orbiting Planets Brain Bucket
Orbiting Planets Officers Ushanka
Orbiting Planets Professional's Panama
Orbiting Planets Sky High Fly Guy
Orbiting Planets Texas Ten Gallon (Strange) (Unboxed)
Overclocked Head Warmer (Unboxed)
Overclocked Pyromancer's Mask
Peace Sign Blighted Beak
Peace Sign Copper's Hard Topper (Unboxed)
Peace Sign Hat of Cards
Peace Sign Milkman
Peace Sign Trash Man
Peace Sign Carouser's Capotain
Phosphorous Soviet Gentleman
Poisoned Shadows Swagmans Swatter
Poisoned Bubbles of Regret Russian Arms Race
Power Surge Engineer's Cap
Power Surge Soviet Gentleman
Power Surge Your Worst Nightmare
Purple Confetti Baseball Bill's Sport's Shine (Strange)
Purple Confetti Flamboyant Flamenco
Purple Confetti Mining Light
Purple Confetti Sola Topi
Purple Energy Bubble Pipe
Purple Energy Cotton Head
Purple Energy Heavy Duty Rag
Purple Energy Rotation Sensation
Purple Energy Jannissary Ketche
Purple Energy Scotch Bonnet
Purple Energy Soldier's Stash
Roboactive Salty Dog
Roboactive Gentleman's Gatsby
Roboactive Liquidator's Lid
Scorching Flames Base Metal Billycock
Scorching Flames Capo's Capper
Scorching Flames Outta' Sight (Strange)
Scorching Flames Pampered Pyro
Scorching Flames Sola Topi
Scorching Flames Tough Guys Toque
Screaming Tiger Conga
Screaming Tiger Pool Party
Screaming Tiger Rancho Relaxo
Searing Plasma Field Practice (Strange)
Searing Plasma Hetman's Headpiece
Searing Plasma Tough Stuff Muffs
Searing Plasma Party Phantom
Showstopper Flippin' Awesome
Showstopper Shred Alert (Unboxed)
Showstopper Bunnyhopper
Silver Cyclone Rancho Relaxo
Silver Cyclone Oblooterated
Silver Cyclone Proletariat Posedown
Skill Gotten Gains Killer Solo
Smoking Fed Fightin Fedora
Smoking Jumper's Jeepcap
Smoking Prussian Pickelhaube
Smoking Team Captain
Spectral Swirl Proletariat Posedown
Spectral Swirl High Five
Spellbound Das Naggenvatcher
Spellbound Swagman's Swatter
Spellbound Wet Works
Steaming Surgeon's Stahlhelm (Gift from Arby) <3
Steaming Swagman's Swatter
Stormy 13th Hour Company Man
Stormy 13th Hour Tough Guys Toque
Stormy 13th Hour Vintage Tyrolean
Stormy 13th Hour Western Wear
Stormy Storm Big Elfin' Deal
Stormy Storm Football Helmet
Sulphurous Sola Topi
Sunbeams Das Naggenvatcher
Sunbeams Gentleman's Gatsby
Sunbeams Head Full of Hot Air (Unboxed)
Sunbeams Hotrod
Sunbeams Lord Cockswains Pith Helmet
Sunbeams Mining Light
Sunbeams Modest Pile Of Hat
Sunbeams Prussian Pickelhaube
Sunbeams Safe N Sound
Sunbeams Scotch Bonnet
Sunbeams Soldier's Stash
Sunbeams Soviet Gentleman
Sunbeams Trash Man
Sunbeams Trophy Belt
Sunbeams Villain's Veil
Sunbeams Vintage Merryweather
Sunbeams Western Wear
Terror-Watt Killer Exclusive
Terror-Watt L'homme Burglerre
Terror-Watt Soviet Gentleman
Terror-Watt Tippler's
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