Auch bekannt als SleeplessVR.   Germany
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To everyone who wants to send me a friend request:
Please write a comment under my profile with the reason for your friend request, as verification that you are not a scammer or a bot. I will simply block everyone who does not post a comment, because all the scammers are really annoying me now.

Basic info about me:
I'm German, but I'm fluent in English too.
If you want to know my name or my age just ask me after we got friends on Steam.
I'm very Privacy focused, so don't try to find me on any Social Media or unsecure messengers. I'm not there. You can find me on any Matrix client. (Like Element)
Just send a request to chat by clicking here. []

Some more info:
Favorite Music: Electro Swing.
Favorite Games: Half-Life: Alyx, Beat Saber
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. :)

My Setup
A computer with a bad Nvidia GPU and a bad Intel CPU.

My other Profiles
Osu! (I'm not playing anymore) []
Matrix []
ScoreSaber []

100% Achievements
(Yes, I'm an achievement farmer)
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:47_thumb_up: Portal
:47_thumb_up: Portal 2
:47_thumb_up: Deponia
:47_thumb_up: Half-Life 2
:47_thumb_up: Half-Life: Alyx
:47_thumb_up: Goodbye Deponia
:47_thumb_up: Portal Stories: Mel
:47_thumb_up: Chaos On Deponia
:47_thumb_up: Half-Life 2 Episode One
:47_thumb_up: Half-Life 2 Episode Two
:47_thumb_up: Edna & Harvey: The Breakout
:47_thumb_up: Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes
:47_thumb_up: Please, Don't Touch Anything 3D
:47_thumb_up: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
:47_thumb_up: Loading Screen Simulator
:47_thumb_up: Counter-Strike: Source
:47_thumb_up: The Stanley Parable
:47_thumb_up: Super Bit Blaster XL
:47_thumb_up: Arcade Moonlander
:47_thumb_up: Game Dev Tycoon
:47_thumb_up: Wallpaper Engine
:47_thumb_up: The Cat Games
:47_thumb_up: Papers, Please
:47_thumb_up: Emily is Away
:47_thumb_up: One More Line
:47_thumb_up: A Hat in Time
:47_thumb_up: Bit Blaster XL
:47_thumb_up: Job Simulator
:47_thumb_up: Accounting+
:47_thumb_up: Superliminal
:47_thumb_up: Free To Play
:47_thumb_up: Beat Saber
:47_thumb_up: Reventure
:47_thumb_up: Firewatch
:47_thumb_up: orbtXL
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Have fun in the new week. Monday will not kill you, but will not leave it untried.
Good luck :)
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Wuuuhhhooo :cozykcdaxe: Happy scary-end :csgoanarchist:
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Have a nice weekend :lemon: :D
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