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snegir Jul 16 @ 1:11pm 
accept me wanna ask
traitor.cz Jun 9 @ 4:18pm 
♥♥♥♥♥ spy with no honour, swipez air then pulls out gun, guess ya can't trickstab huh?
ben May 21 @ 2:07pm 
added for minesweeper
regenee~ May 2 @ 9:19am 
the day equal goes back to being a medic main is the day that i'll get my scout dm back
Cronk May 1 @ 1:17pm 
Today 📅📅📅 is MAY DAY 👷❗️❗️👷 Most people 👥👥 are forced to work 🔨📞💻 for PROFIT 💲💹💹🏧 but I would work 🔨📞💻 for YOU 👦 👧 because YOU'RE MY COMRADE 💪👬👭💂❗️❗️
simo May 1 @ 3:09am 
add me if you need math help