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Ari Brimheim   Faroe Islands

Hi there, and welcome to my profile, dear visitor!

My name is Epsilon, and I am currently a wanna-be competitive player of the game known as Team Fortress 2 playing in the Steel division of the UGC League!

I am currently a 19-year old male gamer that lives in an archipelago known as the Faroe Islands, and I am currently undergoing my first year at college, wanting to see myself become a marine biologist and explore the mysterious underwater world of our planet.

How did I get into TF2?
Excellent question! I first found out about TF2 from a Garry's Mod video back during my brony days. (Sue me, I dare you.)
Since then, I started playing TF2 in 2012 before the Pyromania Update after I fell in love with the characters, and always imagined myself being one of the best players, hoping to teach the next generation that want to know how to play the game and its 9 classes!

Well, spoiler alert: I suck at pretty much all of them. (Except for medic, the other class, I will talk about in the next paragraph.)

Except for one class: The Spy, the class that intrigued me the most, and made me want to learn to play as him. When I eventually reached 4K hours, Most of my time being spent on a low-gravity Mario Kart server, shut up. =) I initially got interested into the competitive scene of TF2 on August, 2017.

That, however, was just my initial spark before I actually wanted to get really good at the game after watching several Spy YouTubers like Mr. Paladin, Sir Stanger and stabbystabby along with other great Spy mains dominate and pubstomp an entire server.

Thanks to that spark I felt, I am now in a Steel Highlander team that I hope will reach Platinum, and will be playing with that same team in the Open division on ETF2L when the next season drops!
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Is it against you we played yesterday on product and on gully? If yes, how many times did you kill my med? 😏😏
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very annoying to spycheck against you
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