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"I need to stop, being gay.."-Nicole
"Mom's spaghetti."-Shai
? HugglesGamerGirl Da Catgworl?: im hope yu haz lots of kissu and sexsu :D
"I can almost become the blanket."-Miss Wilton SJW Imperial bringing social justice to cyridiil
? HugglesGamerGirl Da Catgworl?: big penus makes mah hpapi ;o
"You just came on fire"-Lori
Cingo?: 3 k's a day keeps the neighbours away
"I need that mustard-cheese in my life."- Mrs. Wilton
Ty: The reason my heart wants too continue to beat.
"She's called the virgin Mary for a reason y'know" "Because she's a liar!"-Mr.Wilton
"Even when i'm sleeping i don't get any sleep."-Miss Wilton
"She looks she's been poured from of a milk bottle."- Miss Wilton
"People are coming over, and I look like i've just jumped in a frying pan."-Miss Wilton
"Emily44: i want A HORSE DARN IN MY MOUTH"- A random Kongerate chat
"Your hair is very blonde and I very like it."-Miss Wilton
[OG]BearGoesBitch: Sometimes rap music makes me want to rob my own house after snorting a fat line of coke.
"I'm not a chav like you, I don't have six with girls."-Michael
"I mean, I've met alot of comic book artists, but I haven't met alot of them."-Sammy
"I was licketerally.."-Miss Wilton
"Are you sure you're not telling porky pies"-Miss Wilton
"Shush your mush."-Miss Wilton
"Y'know what I don't have to deal with this" - CamBD
"Only on the weekends"- MadPan

Contact information
Skype- Ask for it
Kik- The duck uses kik?
Discord- Isaac#0225
Rabbit- Cool Kids Zone []
Snapchat- cpearson541
󠅸Instagram - cpearson02
Discord server - November Criminals []
Contact through any of these and I'll attempt to get back to you as soon as I can manage!
Dodcio Challenger Jun 16 @ 12:26am 
+rep what mic your using i wanan know <3
Retarded King Apr 11 @ 4:49pm 
+REP, cause baba yaga :GoodKing:
.λd zomcom Mar 2 @ 12:36am 
Edgelord Mar 1 @ 12:34pm 
adam. Mar 1 @ 11:51am 
entered the giveaway.
good luck to me.
Ramen Mar 1 @ 8:12am 

My attempt at a dab.